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Student House Leeds

Ann Said:

I've graduated & no longer a student. Do I still pay UK council tax if I live with students?

We Answered:

Don't tell the landlord is the best bet m8, I lived with mates who were still students the year after I left Uni in Manchester, and my m8 was listed as the main tenant. He was still a student so the place was registered as a student flat. It was around £500 a year when I was there over 5 years ago, and there was no way I was paying that! They never asked me so they didn't get!

Play ignorant as if you were unaware, the worst that can happen if the council finds out is they charge you for it, and you seem as if you're willing to pay anyway so you're in a win-win situation

Julian Said:

student rental?

We Answered:

If they've signed a contract already, there's not much you can do. These are things that should have been sorted out before anyone signed anything. But in future, private student housing should by from a university-accredited landlord (ie. through the university itself, a list on which only landlords with a good 'track-record' are allowed). These have many more conditions put upon them.

Doris Said:

Where are the student areas of Leeds?

We Answered:

Depends which campus you are on.Is this Leeds Metropolitoan or Leeds University? However the majority of student lets are between the two campuses i.e. mostly around Hyde Park and Headingley. There are rows and rows of back to back terrace as well as some nicer semi detached. Look to pay around 70UKP a week for a shared house. Student property let is big business in Leeds and some agencies are pretty tough nosed business men with big property empires. Some families offer room letting. Check with your University accommodation office for their advise. Other areas you may like to consider are Meanwood, Chapel Allerton, Kirkstall, Burley, West Park and the City Center. All of which border the two previous areas.
Here is a list of letting agencies in Headingley:…
Here is a link to unipol a charity helping to ensure quality accommodation for students and various Universities including Leeds University, here is their website:

Jennifer Said:

How old are the back to back houses in Leeds.?Thinking of buying my student son a place to live while at uni.?

We Answered:

sound insultation is hopeless, heat is ok as long as you get mid terrace

be careful and steer slear of south leeds and little london, cheap but for a REALLY good reason

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