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Student House Liverpool

Willard Said:

I have a bad feeling about my landlord and the house I'm supposed to move into. Am I right to feel this way?

We Answered:

Hi I have to ask did u sign a lease or use an agent?

If u did then they will assist u I'm sure if not and the lease agreement with landlord direct ,u will have to deal with him direct.

Sounds like he is one of those that will not do anything unless forced too.I guess u need to let him know u will look after house but u want some minor problems fixed up.

Sometimes all is needed good clean up and all is well,loo seats NEED repairing this is a must for hygiene matters.

Get a can of insect repellant and spray if ur concerned.

U can threaten to go to authority if he acts up but this will all depend on how ur rent/lease is structured Good Luck ?

Richard Said:

What is the wavertree road area, liverpool like?

We Answered:

you are within 10 minutes walk of the University, 3 minutes walk to Tesco, 5 minutes walk from Matalan, Iceland and Home Bargain so good for shopping and there is a student 'village' and loads of student accommodation less than 5 minutes walk away and Liverpool City Centre is 10-15 minutes walk away so no looking for taxi's after a night out
Upper Parliment Street is no longer a 'rough' area and also has lots of student accommodation……

Jeanette Said:

Anyone got a website for student housing in Liverpool?

We Answered:

The best I can say is to use I found my rental there. Good luck

Enrique Said:

does anyone know my lost friend diane who worked for revlon in liverpool?

We Answered:

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Juan Said:

Hi, I am a student in Liverpool JMU, Looking for housing, anyone can advise me?

We Answered:

The Rail House accommodation adjacent to Lime Street station is close to Mount Pleasant walking distance.

Curtis Said:

I have a bad feeling about my landlord and the house I'm supposed to move into. Am I right to feel this way?

We Answered:

Sounds like the beginning of one of those horror movies. Cut your losses and look for a better place.

Lloyd Said:

where can i find a family house to live in with a family in the Uk, Liverpool city?

We Answered:

The most practical, and cheapest way to find one, is to put up handwritten notices about your requirement, in the various Notice Boards [especially in the canteen] that students regularly peruse. Some of your own collegemates might have the solution for your need.
Best of Luck.

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