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Student House Rentals

Carole Said:

Can a college student be denied a rental house because of age or simply being a college student?

We Answered:

Of course they can. The law protects people in certain classes. But outside of that class, the owner could turn down an applicant for any reason or no reason. Because the guy smells funny. Or wears tight pants. Or whatever.

Chad Said:

Ocean City MD house rentals?

We Answered:

hi there,will these help?…

best wishes..

Ellen Said:

where can i find beach house rentals in North Myrtle Beach that rents out to students?

We Answered:

Since you are under 25, your best bet is to contact condo / cabin owners directly to see if they will rent to you. Very few hotels or motels will accept visitors under the age of 25.

Rather than give you a specific property name and location, I would suggest that you do some research on the available houses/condos, the prices and the locations. I have used in the past and it was quite helpful for narrowing down my choices and booking a few nights stay.

Julian Said:

The 1st Step In student house hunting at McMaster University?

We Answered:

---> <---

McMaster Student Off-Campus Housing:

A. Look before you leap.

B. Dont put the Cart before the Horse.

The HORSE [the Group of housemates] will pull the CART [the houses & your residency in it & your happy living there].

Therefore - Build the TEAM aka Group aka 'horse' - FIRST.

The TEAM will make the search easier & ensure long term vaibility. Everyone will be on the SAME PAGE [needs/wants].

---> <---

Ron Said:

how to find a rental house for PG student in chennai around guindy?

We Answered:


i can find you a deleux flat for bachelors in valsaravakam i am not broker i am owner of house so you can directly contact me rajesh 9884156671

Lynn Said:

Cheap/stylish decorating ideas for a generic student house?

We Answered:

Look into removable wall decals. With that and some affordable bedding, pillows, curtains, rug to match you should be able to make it more personal and interesting.

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Pulau Harapan said:

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Students always face problem about the rental homes and they cannot afford the heavy rent on their pocket so they are always worried about it. They may take help from the review to solve this issue easily in short time.