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Student House Shares

Stanley Said:

Am I entitled to compensation if a coat left in rented accomadation becomes mouldy due to condensation?

We Answered:

You could try the citizens advice bureau but I think it would be difficult to prove that the condensation in the house was to blame. The landlord could say that must have stored the coat when its was wet etc.

Gerald Said:

How do you pay household bills of there are many tenants in one house?

We Answered:

The normal way to do this is by equal shares unless each room has its own meters. This does of course, mean that the tenant who receives the bill is liable for all of it if the others don't pay. If I was that tenant, I would expect my share to be subsidised a little to compensate me for that.

Another alternative is for the landlord to receive the bill and split it - that way any unpaid bills can be claimed at the end of the tenancy (via court or from the deposit). This is extra work and risk for the landlord, so would almost certainly result in a rent increase. It could only be done if new agreements were signed - so everyone would have to agree.

Debbie Said:

I house shared before as a student and people would barge in sometimes has a friend or anyone ever?

We Answered:

LOL - ewwww....... brings back nightmares! I was with an ex in her bed, in the am, taking her from behind and he pop waslked in with two cups of tea! - No worning just straight in... he scuttled off and we had a very uncomfortable breakjfast... never got a brew in bed after that...
Ps - she was in the middle of saying ...ffff.. me harder....
Sooo funny now!

Ernest Said:

making new kind of bussiness like a house for student?

We Answered:

No. The city won't let you do this. You are describing a "hotel" instead of a house. You would need to locate the building in an area of town that was zoned "multi-family". .

Debra Said:

how much council tax would I pay if i am the only non-student in a house?

We Answered:

The council works out council tax according to the property and what it is worth, there are a number of bands. Band A is the cheapest and it goes up from there.
You're right, students don't have to pay council tax, and because you will be the only non-student you will be responsible for paying the bill.
As you will be the only one you qualify for a single-occupancy discount of 25%, which is a small thing to be grateful for I guess!
My non-student partner and I live together and I am currently studying my post-grad degree. We get a 25% discount, but we split the council tax bill anyway as it doesn't seem fair to make her pay it all!
PS I'd have a word with your house-mates-to-be and ask if they'd mind contributing :o)

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