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Student Houses Bath

Stanley Said:

Is there a mom here I can ask few questions, I am male college student?

We Answered:

Hello there! Well, first of all I should tell you that I'm not a mom.. I am a 16 years old girl. I hope I can answer your questions. I could ask my mom about them all..but she's sleeping right I should tell you what I know.
It's aren't supposed to know everything. You shouldn't make such a big difference .. like "she's rich, I'm poor" . It's not always about money,it's about you. I know, the smallest towel is for your face.
-I do that too :-" .. You can clean the water with some paper towels,napkins..or whatever you have. It's not a hard thing to do.
-You hold your fork in your left hand.. (If you're eating meat) and the knife in your right hand. You must hold the fork like this..…
Well..if there are three forks, then there probably are three dishes of food. You should take the fork and the knife from the exterior . You should change your fork each time a new plate of food comes at the table. Something like..different food, different cutlery.
-Well..some people shower twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, before going to sleep. I believe it's a waste of water. I take a shower once a day.. Usually..people take a shower in the morning, in order to be "fresh" for a new day.. you could also take a shower in the evening for not making the linen dirty. Don't worry so much..shower whenever you feel the need.. whenever you like.
-Hm..I think it's the metal switch? :))
-Not in the faucet.. You should cut them at the bathroom (when nobody sees you) onto a little piece of paper or you've said and after that you could throw them into the garbage(inside..why would you go outside for that?) or you could just flush them down.. what do you prefer.
-What can I say? :) People like to show off...yes they do have big closets. Probably your friend was planning this for a long time.. :) and she worked as well as a detective:) that's why she knew your size. Those pillows are just ornamental. She wasn't kidding :) It's kind of comfortable to sleep on many many pillows.. but if you like sleeping on one. :) Great! Do that.. it's not know.. :D Why is the bed soo big.. because it looks nicer I suppose.
You can do that..but you could also use a brush.. ask your friend.. ( not a hair brush..but the kind of brush that is used for taking hair and dust out of carpets ..if you know what I mean)
Hm..sorry If I couldn't make myself understood.. English is not my native language but:) I hope you can decipher what I wrote.
If you were my friend and I was that rich.. well..I wouldn't care about how many times you shower , how do you shower, how do you sleep. If you're feeling good..then that's all that matters. I perfectly understand why you want to know all that.. You just want to look good in their eyes and don't make them problems. You're very careful...
I haven't really checked the videos and sites..but I think they could help:…… could probably search for more on google if you want. Good luck then..and have fun! :) Cherish that girl... she really cares about you if she is so concerned about the way you feel... and if she invited you at her house. Probably not as a girlfriend, but as a very good friend.. yes.You should try to relax.. All the best ;)

Anthony Said:

How does a person get a home purchasing loan with low credit scores?

We Answered:

Try lending tree. I used them for our home loan. You simply put in your info (and be honest), and they will match you with lenders who special in slow and less then favorable credit. But only do it if you are serious, because I did it at 2 in the morning, and by 9 AM the next day, they were calling me. It is intimidating to give all your personal information out like that, but the more honest you are, the more accurate the numbers will be. But remember, talk to all those who make offers to you, because you can do the old "this company offered me this" game with them. Don't be shy, they are there to make $ off of you, so be sure to carefully look over everything. (BEWARE OF ARM'S!! Go for fixed. The market is tankin right now!)

Franklin Said:

businesses financing with no collateral. ?

We Answered:

Haven' been watching the news much have you. We're in the midst of a credit crunch. Safe loans are not being made. And no money down loans? Forget it. If you don't have enough faith or wherewithal to use any of your own money, no bank is going to loan you money in today's climate. I suggest saving up some money, working on your business plan and trying then. Good luck!

Naomi Said:

Should I apply for a student loan even if I can afford to pay for it myself? (UK)?

We Answered:

YES! A student loan is the best possible loan you could get and is tax deductible. If you are looking to get a home, car, etc anytime soon it is much better to be paying off a student loan than a car loan or unable to put a decent down payment on a home. You could always get the loan and if you have enough in savings after everything just pay it off early.

Valerie Said:

Why does my shower have low water pressure and how can I fix it?

We Answered:

Can you detach the hose from the bath spout to check the water pressure coming from the bath spout itself? If the pressure there is good, the issue is with the shower head. Likely problems are lime buildup (soak it in CLR or something similar to clean it), or a restrictor washer in the shower head which isn't allowing enough water to pass through. Hope this helps.

Monica Said:

Being a college student am I expecting too much in my first rental home?

We Answered:

Honestly yes you have very unreal expectations....many young people feel that when they move out of there parents home they should instantly be able to live the same lifestyle there parents live... They didn't get everything they have overnight man. Apartments are ok some better then others but I honestly don't like them either. I'd recommend finding a nice 1 or 2 bedroom 1 bath house or mobile home since your only renting why waist more money then you have to? You will never own it so your basically buying this nice place for your landlord. Find something "Half Decent" in a safe area for a much lower price.

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