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Student Houses Exeter

Ronnie Said:

Which Universities should I apply to?

We Answered:

You have done very well academically and your extracurricular activities are excellent./

Use the site below and compare your profile with the students in each school.

Everett Said:

What are my chances for getting into Exeter, Andover, or Deerfield?

We Answered:

You will probably get into two out of the tree, which two, I cannot say. Last year I applied to Andover and got accepted, although my SSAT scores were a little higher, your list of other accomplishments is very impressive, and much more impressive than mine. The schools also like to have diversity of where the students live/come from, and I doubt that there are very many people from Oklahoma applying to these school.

Miguel Said:

I was denied by my top schools, but I am doing a PG year. What do I need to work on?

We Answered:

Increase your SAT scores.

Glen Said:

Tufts and Georgetown?

We Answered:

your SAT scores aren't going to cut it. you need a 2150+ to be competitive for these schools. your class rank also needs to be high (top 20).

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