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Student Houses In Bath

Alan Said:

How can I deal with disrespectful housemates?

We Answered:

You and the housemate that you get along with should find other suitable housemates and MOVE.... If you aren't happy with the current living conditions... Or find someone that DOES speak french and have them translate for you what it is that you need to live in a happy, healthy environment.

good luck

Glen Said:

Is my home A/C freon low?

We Answered:

He is right. Check your filters and make sure they are clean. They should be changed every 30 days.
Standing in front of the air handler, have some one turn the thermostat on so the air comes on. Besides the fan starting up, do you hear the refrigerant running Thur the lines. it will sound almost like a liquid flowing Thur the copper lines. Touch the lines and see if they get colder. They should.
If not, you need a tech.
100 to 150 dollars should cover it not including any parts if he finds something else.

Patricia Said:

Ok i just need to know, should I or sholdnt I move OUT? Check out situation?

We Answered:

In the long run is better if you learn to be independent now.

it all depends on your priorities:
Do you wanna have work, great job, money, financial stability, etc..? Or
Do you wanna have fun?

I did the fun and I don't regret it,
traveled, lived and worked as a volunteer around the world
with savings from job, while living with parents.
I can say that I've been " there" and "done that"

I do have financial stability now but it took me longer to get there.

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