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Student Houses In Oxford

June Said:

Why do I always hear people saying...?

We Answered:

Nowadays it is not so true, if you are talented enough you have a chance. Those with lots of money have a better chance of gaining high (and especially more) marks at private schools and getting opportunities to do more extra-curricular activities but even so, I don't agree with your initial statement.

Laura Said:

Please help! I need help with cute uniform ideas for school?

We Answered:

I thought my school wa strict but thats just plan CRAZY ! no leggings, flip flops,different color accessories,andt etc...maybe has some cute uniform stuff or walmart...miley cyrus has cute lilttle ruffled collared t shirts...i helped the best i could... be careful tho

Velma Said:

won't hillary make an exceptional secretary of state?

We Answered:

seriously, no way will i read all of that.

Brent Said:

Will i be able to go to America for University? (American's opinions would be great :)?

We Answered:

Hi Bubbles,

It is important that you understand that the British education system and the American educaiton system are very different. In the US students have to submit college admission test scores, ACT or SAT, and since you are not in the US it is likely that you will have to submit TOEFL scores too. Furthermore unlike the UK, American students in high school (ages 14 - 18) do not study A-levels and GCSEs. Instead they study a variety of subjects that typically include math, English, literature, history, natural science, government, and social sciences.

When comest to university American students apply in their senior year, last year of school. They submit their college admission test scores and their grades they received in their high school classes to each university that they apply. Plus they may also have to submit an essay. This means unlike the UK, Americans apply to each school separately and comply with their requirements. Additionally tution at US schools are not regulated, as it is in the UK, and cost for a year of university can cost between $14,000 - $60,000 per year, depending on the university.

Another part of university involves how the university is structured. Again, when you look at how US and UK universities operate they are different. In the UK you will study three years in your field and receive your degree. However in the US the degree is four years with somewhere between 25% - 45% of your time studyin for you degree will be spent in electives and general education courses that where studied during high school. For someone who is coming form the UK and who has a narrow breadth of A-levles (e.g. English, literature, and history) they may find that they struggle with American courses such a pre-calculus and biology due to inadquate preparation.

What does this mean for you? It means you will have to locate funding sources to attend a US school. Additionally you will have to understand each university to which you are applying their rules regarding applications, the tests scores you will have to submit as a part of your application process, and application deadlines for foreign students. Third it means you need to ensure that you have a diverse background of A-levels or you complete the IB diploma. If you do not American education system may be too overwhelming for you. Finally you will have to keep abreast regarding the rules for US student visa as they are always changing and you will need to ensure that you give your student visa enough time due to the fact some applications can take a while to process.

So to answer you question a British student with good A-levels and good college admission test scores can go to Uni in the US provided they can get the student visa. However they should not expect funding from the university due to the fact they are a foreign student and will need to secure their own funding. Plus they will need to ensure they meet the required deadlines as set by the school.

Finally I would advise against a degree in psychology due to the fact that at the bachelors level you cannot work as a psychologist and to work as a psychologist you will need a PhD in the US and be licensed by the state. In the UK I believe there are similar requirements. Even with a bachelors degree in psychology in the US or UK job prospects are limited. Plus the pay is not as high as you could make with another degree. Instead I would recommend studying for a degree that can be transferred back to the UK such as English, journalism, engineering, a natural science or business.

Jennie Said:

How can i look emo, with a dress code?

We Answered:

That's a pretty strict dress code, but just wear skinny jeans and a black polo and do your make up dark. Don't try to be a poser though, just be yourself. (:

Thomas Said:

Bill Clinton related/Whitewater/Mr. Cloud 9/ Who can explain this list?

We Answered:

I'm skeptical, but I will keep an open mind.

What are some sources of your information? The only person on the list I ever heard of was Vince Foster. How do I know all these other people had any relationship to Clinton or if they even existed?

I have had an uncle, a cousin, a brother in law, two friends and two co-workers all commit suicide. Another uncle and my wife's cousin both died under mysterious circumstances. Four school mates and another cousin died in auto accidents, and my brother's girl friend was murdered back in the 1970s. My sister in law's parents died in an airplane crash. The guy who helped me move had one brother murdered and another who died in an accident. An ex-girlfriend of mine had her husband murdered and her son died in a car wreck. Does that mean I had them all killed?

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