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Student Houses In Reading

Melvin Said:

Does the campus cop have the authority to ban me from the dorms.?

We Answered:

Maybe. Probably. But if people at that college don't know, how would anyone online know without knowing what college, what state, etc.?

Katrina Said:

Anyone know about housing at Mizzou, The University of Missouri: Columbia?

We Answered:

Contact the school and ask them directly./

Jay Said:

Is there any way I can increase my attention span?

We Answered:

My dear Candy....

Well...that's quite a difficult "task" you're dealing with, honey...I know exactly HOW you feel, because it happened to me when I was younger...What I suggest is meditating, Yoga or something like that.It's a L O N G process, Candy & you must develop lots of patience.

A therapist is not a bad idea either...because they can point out several helpful "strageties" to you as well....Take a break "in between"...It's a difficult task, but I am sure, you'll succeed in "the end"!!! I am sure, you'll make it, Candy !!!

Wish you all the best for the future ! Greetings from Germany with lots of love & care... Annette***

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