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Student Houses Liverpool

Jill Said:

Allergic symptoms- is it onions, ginger, garlic, fennel seeds, chilis or tumeric?

We Answered:

It's very hard to tell. You have to do an elimination diet, which means that you cut out one of these foods for a few weeks and see what happens. You can try to reintroduce it then and see if your condition comes back. You have to do these one at a time so you can tell which one it is.

Did they test you for molds and cockroaches? I'm allergic to both of those. I suppose it's possible your parent's house could have one of those. If you are already know about those ones, then you may want to try the elimination diet thing. Good luck.

Leah Said:

~how much money to budget for traveling while studying abroad?

We Answered:

This is a great question! I'm going to Belgium for three months and I am bringing about $4,000. (I think!) I'll also have a line of credit available to me. Although, I plan to travel a lot. So, this just depends on you and how much you want to travel and the lifestyle you'd like to lead. I also booked my airfare round-trip for $784. You should check out this blog at . It will really help you to Gage expenses! Review the postings from the beginning and it will tell you all about places you can go to hunt for cheap airfare, how much your visa's will cost, etc. It also has random facts you might not know like how you can't hail a cab in France because they won't pull over for you. Instead, you have to go to these cab stop thingys. Anyways, check it out because it might really help you.

Cheryl Said:

Do I have to pay water charges?

We Answered:

A council tax exemption form is just for that- Council tax.
Council tax pays for your local borough services like bin collection and street lights.

Utilities like water are always paid, no one gets an *exemption* from paying those, because you pay for what YOU use in YOUR home for yourselves as you use it!
Water is not free!

Water, Gas and Electricity must always be paid where ever you live no matter what status you are (even the unemployed have to pay these!!!)

Usually when a water bill comes in, it will be an estimation for that year based on the number of rooms and occupants in the house.
Normally this yearly bill will be split down into a payment every month.
Perhaps in your last house the landlord included bills within the rent you paid. (someone somewhere along the line must pay for the water used at that property)

Best bet is to call the water company up and ask if you can use a payment card to pay the bills and ask for a reasonable payment every month.
(I pay £15 a month (£180 per year) for two people in a two bed flat)

You must get onto them and work out a payment plan, because if the water bill is in your name, you could get taken to court if they cannot recover the money from you.
Contact your landlord as well if your unsure!

DO NOT ignore this! It is very important you and your housemates sort out ALL the household bills and work out how much everyone pays towards them each month!

Doesn't matter if your a student, unemployed, disabled or a millionaire, you still pay for household utilities!

You can always contact your local CAB and ask for help but normally the water companies are very helpful. Just tell them this is your first time ever dealing with this!
Best of luck!

Rodney Said:

PLEASE HELP!!! bailiffs and debt collectors?

We Answered:

In the joint contract does it say you are jointly and severally liable? This is a clause they normally put in for joint mortgages so if a couple split they can go after both parties for the money. This would mean you could be held liable. The debt collectors must have been appointed by the person who owns the property or their agent so if you have proof you have paid up to date I would contact them and make it clear you have paid what you owe. They may be happy to leave you out of the debt collection proceedings. Failing that contact your local Citizen Advice Bureau.
I really don't see how they can target your parents house unless they have signed something?

Bernice Said:

is it possible to find an person who i really want to meet?

We Answered:

He's in London I bet.....but he doesnt have thick glasses anymore.

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