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Student Houses Swansea

Alicia Said:

Best ISP and Phone package?

We Answered:

Skys pacakge seems good,

You can get sky talk (free evening and weekend calls) and sky broadband (upto 20meg with unlimited bandwith) for £10 a month.

Bad thing is though you have have sky tv to get them, and you may not want it. Even if you were to take the cheapest package it would be like

Tv package £16
Sky talk £0
Sky broadband £10
Line rental from bt £11 a month

Also o2s broadband is very good, Unlimited downloads with upto 20meg speeds, again that is £15 a month (you get £5 a month discount if your an o2 mobile customer).

I have bts free evening and weekend calls, and o2 broadband.

I pay £10 a month for broadband and £11 a month line rental to bt, So £20 a month for both. So it seems alright aswell.

Virgin also have 10meg unlimited broadband + free weekend calls for £24 a month.

Arthur Said:

What do you think of my writing?

We Answered:

It's... good? It's a little over indulgent, I think. You can slim down with all the adjectives. Otherwise it was good.

Derrick Said:

Recommendations for a nice place to live in the Swansea area please?

We Answered:

Mumbles is lovely and it has a villagey feel even though it's only 10 mins drive away. Yet you really are going to struggle to get what you want for £700pcm in mumbles. I live in sketty and even though it is near the student area you hardly ever see them and in sketty you can happily leave your house alone even in the middle of the night. I've lived here on the main road through sketty for 10 years and have never had any trouble

Annette Said:

Could i get housing benefits as a 16 year old college student?

We Answered:

go to and take the housing benefits calculator questionaire on there. The have loads of information about eligibilty for benefits. Although at the moment i am just applying for it myself as i am a university student and about to have a baby im 20 partner is 20 also. The only reason we can apply for the benefits is because we are raising a child but i dont think you can qualify for it as a young student because they think you should still be living at home.
You might not be able to get the support you need hunnie so think carefully before you move out an try talking things through with your mum and really telling her how you feel. I know at 16 your dying for that independence but let me tell you its not all its cracked up too be. I had to move out at 17 an i missed those home comforts, even now i miss them even though i lead a good life nothing beats being at home sometimes. Take advantage of that while you still can. :)
Oh and parents are always a pain especially in teenager years youve just got too try get past it, they only do it because they love you, just try and remember that. I know that now.

Tony Said:

Is any one staying in the student village in Swansea?

We Answered:

Hey im off 2 swansea 2!
bit confused about the student village but as far as i know 1-40 are houses, either with 8,9 or 10 people sharing. the rest are flats with 4,6,7 or 8 people sharing. You should recieve a map with your freshers pack giving you more infomation.
Hope this helps, maybe see you in swansea!

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