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Student Houses York

Dorothy Said:

Can someone explain to me how student loans work?

We Answered:

Student loans are loans you take out to pay for the cost of your school. The money is generally sent to the school and covers tuition, books, supplies, etc. The best student loans are FEDERAL Student Loans, called Stafford Loans. You apply for these loans by going to Federal loans DON'T require a cosigner. If you don't pay the loans back, you will be in "Default". The publication I'm attaching has a good section on what happens if you go into default. Basically, they can garnish your wages (take a part of your paycheck against your will), and take your income tax return as well as other things.

However, some schools, (perhaps the one you are mentioning) aren't recognized by the government to get free grants or federal loans. Which means you have to take out private loans. I would be VERY leery of these... and scrutinize the school very closely. There has to be a reason the Dept of Education doesn't give them federal money. I'm attaching a good publication about loans-in the back is a dictionary of terms that explains all the words you are asking about. Private loans have a very high interest rates - which means the bank or agency that is letting you borrow the money is charging you for the use of their money. You borrow 15,000 now. And over the course of 15 years, pay back more... sometimes much more.....35,000. And have very high fees associated with them. First link is to see if your school is federally recognized. Second link is the dictionary.

Cheryl Said:

New York University?

We Answered:

ALL of this information is on their website. This looks like some sort of assignment, and no one on here is going to do it for you. It will take about 30 minutes to go to the website and find it yourself.

Andrew Said:

how many days can a high school student be absent in new york?

We Answered:

A student cannot be absent for more than 14 days without a medical illness or death in the family.

Lucille Said:

How much money would be needed for a 2-week stay in New York City?

We Answered:

a. $700 for food
b. $54 for two 7-Day MetroCard
c. $20 for the laundromat & liquid/powder soap

If you need cheap things, go the the nearest Dollar Tree.
Snacks, toothpaste, toothbush and more can be found there for $1 each.

So far that's about $800 for the necessities. If you plan to explore the city and shop, have $300 to $500 more. The MetroCards you have should get you in for free at some places or discount admission.…

Good luck with your studies.

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