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Student Housing Aid

Vernon Said:

does financial aid help with student housing if there's no on campus living?

We Answered:

Yes. Financial aid does include a line item for housing. I'm assuming that this other town is in the same state as you are, or in a state that allows students from your state to pay in-state tuition instead of out-of-state tuition.

This is how it works: Your brother's financial aid office has prepared a budget that includes some common bills -- tuition and fees, books, transportation, health insurance, room and board, and other miscellaneous items. They will use this budget as the basis for any aid he may be awarded. As an entering freshman, he should qualify for up to $5500 in loans, and up to $5300 in grants, plus whatever the state offers. If these numbers plus the amount of scholarship money he's been awarded is greater than the total of the budget, then he'll be awarded the budgeted total, with grants and scholarships being awarded first, then loans. If he's been awarded less financial aid and scholarships than his budget, then he'll have to make up the difference with his own funds (or live frugally enough that he doesn't need the extra funds).

He needs to fill out his FAFSA ASAP. If his parents have already done their taxes, it is a great idea to do it now. Also, apply for scholarships ( is a good source on scholarships) and don't slack off that last semester in HS before college if he's still in school!

Nathaniel Said:

Could I use Federal Student Aid for on campus housing?

We Answered:

Yes! People usually file FAFSA to put towards tuitions, fee, room and board (meal plan), books, etc.

Apply for FAFSA at FAFSA.ED.GOV. If you plan to go to school this summer, fall or next spring, apply for the 2010-2011 FAFSA. You'll need a PIN (electornic signautre, if you file online) for you and whatever parent is signing it (if they are married/filing jointly, or if they are divorced, whatever one tax info you're using). That's at PIN.ED.GOV You may also want to check out STUDENTAID.ED.GOV or FASFA4CASTER.ED.GOV for more info or help.

You can start applying January 1st, 2010. Some schools want your tax returns in by February 1st, 15th or mid-March. You need to file YOUR and YOUR PARENTS tax info, if they have any. Even if you live on your own.

If you are emancipated (LEGALLY!), over 24, have children/dependents (that you have proof of legally giving half or more support to) or are married, you don't have to put your parents' info on there. But I assume you'll have to.

FAFSA is a great thing. Try to use grants/scholarships before using loans, though. Also, see if your college will offer you grants/scholarships or state grants/scholarships at all.

Check out local scholarships. Your guidance counselor may have information on this. Perhaps a local church, food pantry, fire dept, police dept, etc. may offer assistance? Maybe your parents or your workplace offers tuition break, help, scholarships/grants, etc.? Your state's Department of Education may also have grants/scholarships you can apply to.

Connie Said:

Does student financial aid cover housing if i want to live in an on-campus apartment complex?

We Answered:

The formula used to determine amount of aid includes cost of living on or off campus.

Neil Said:

how do i go about recieving financial aid for housing?

We Answered:

Have you gone to your local county or city housing authority office? They have grants for housing. It is based on family size and total income per month. Unfortunately, the list could be closed because of the increased need due to the economy. You can find the number in the blue pages of the telephone book.

Roberta Said:

Can you get financial aid for both tuition AND student housing?

We Answered:

Yes. The maximum amount of Financial Aid that you can receive is based on your "Cost of Attendance," which is determined by the Financial Aid Office . Schools are allowed to include the following items in your COA:

* tuition & fees
* room & board (on- or off-campus)
* a "reasonable amount" for books, supplies (in some cases, a computer), transportation, miscellaneous expenses
* dependent care
* study abroad expenses
* loan fees
* employment expenses for co-op study

Pretty much, you can get financial aid up to the amount of your COA.

Dustin Said:

Does student aid housing allowances cover utilities?

We Answered:

If you have enough after tuition and fees are paid, sure. But if you don't, I do not recommend borrowing more money to cover for rent or utilities at all. As you are borrowing this money and are expected to pay it back, you may also borrow too much and may not have enough money left to finish your degree.

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