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Student Housing Amsterdam

Walter Said:

Help with AP English Book Choices ASAP?

We Answered:

McCarthy's No Country for Old Men.

Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" is really good. If that was one of your choices I would have said that.

Enjoy! and good luck on choosing.


Craig Said:

So I messed up my visa interview, but they gave me another option?

We Answered:

It is always hard to answer travel/visa questions if we do not know where you live and what passport you hold. Based on the origin of your questions you are obviously a resident in the United States. U.S. citizen do not need a visa to travel to the Netherlands; U.S. residents may need it dependent upon the passport they hold.
In general there should not be any problem for U.S. residents to get a tourist visa without sponsorship of a Dutch citizen/resident provided that they hold:
• a passport which must be valid for at least three months beyond the proposed stay
• a valid long-term visa or residence permit for the United States
• a reference letter from their employer or from the studying institute (for student visa holders)
• a travel insurance which covers the period of stay (+ 15 days), valid for all Schengen countries, to include hospital treatment and emergency repatriation, at a value of at least 30,000 €uro
• a confirmed return-flight ticket reservation
• a confirmed hotel reservation
• the last three bank statements showing sufficient funds to cover the stay (at least €34[~$50] per day of stay plus the costs for flight and accomodation)
You should not try to get a "garantverklaring" from your uncle in Amsterdam if you do not plan to stay at his home; better get the visa on your own merits.
To get sponsored by your friend in Eindhoven she would need to hold a Dutch "verblijfsdocument" (residence permit) and would also need to get a statement from her place of residence (gemeente) indicating that she is able to sponsor a foreign visitor financially and that she has sufficient room to accommodate the visitor..

Tyler Said:

Can an American student live and work in Amsterdam for a couple months in the summer?

We Answered:

I doubt it. Do you speak flammish??
You can stay at a hotel, this is fine, but working there???????

btw. customs don't give a damn how long you have been out of your own country

Minnie Said:

Master of Environmental and Energy Management University of Twente?

We Answered:

And this program has future job prospects from entities other than the UN?

Gail Said:

Long distance gay relationship advice - Help me please!?

We Answered:

Sounds sweet, but it never works out in the end, if either of you are socially needy, like you mentioned, you and he are.

I've broken many hearts while working overseas in many countries around the world. When my visa runs out, the reality kicks in. I'm a visitor to there country and have to say goodbye and back return home.

It's best to part ways as good mates, than punish yourself by sitting by a phone lovelorn waiting for phone calls.

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