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Student Housing Ann Arbor

Tina Said:

Will I get into these colleges?

We Answered:

Yes! Easily. I don't know how you manage all those extracurriculars though!

My brother just graduated from Binghamton. It's a great university!
Mich is awesome too!

good luck!

Vincent Said:

Can I get into Michigan State University?

We Answered:

I think you have a great shot at MSU and Indiana. Both are great schools, and you will have fun.

Suzanne Said:

Can I get into Michigan State University or Indiana University Bloomington?

We Answered:

I'm not an admissions official or anything, but I am an IU-B alumni (graduated with BA in 2000 and MA in 2007.) I'd say you have excellent extra curriculars. I'm not familiar with the ACT scale, but I can say that Herman Wells built into IU the philosophy that anyone who wants an education at Indiana should be able to get one. You're probably in good shape for IU-B. Good luck with wherever you wind up going.

Kathryn Said:

HELP! One more try...I have revised it and I need a proofreader to tell me their thoughts...:)?

We Answered:

I haven't changed too much, just some word choices and punctuation, mostly. Your original is quite good, but it needed, I think, some tightening up and some additional transition words.

UM ID # 2848
February 1, 2009
Share an experience through which you have gained respect for intellectual, social, or cultural differences. Comment on how your personal experiences and achievements would contribute to the diversity of the University of Michigan.
Diversity in My Family
There is a plethora of different first generation ethnicities and cultures in my family. These include Palestinian, Jewish, Vietnamese, Armenian, German, and Chinese. As a result, our family reunions can sometimes resemble a UN General Assembly meeting. Aside from my mother, who is of Armenian descent, all of my immediate family members, including myself, have married into a family that is from another country. Yet, we are all very close although we are the epitome of diversity because of our differences.
Since late childhood I have been immersed in these varied cultures, which has taught me a great deal. I've learned the importance of respecting one's elders and I've gained an understanding of the distinguishing types of food and traditions that each culture adheres to. There is always some new insight to be acquired at a family gathering.
I also have an aunt and uncle who are paraplegic. On occasion, they need assistance with minor tasks around the house, so I pay them a visit when I can to help out. When arranging dinner reservations, I have to make sure the restaurant is handicapped accessible. I've noticed that most dining establishments in Ann Arbor do not have wheelchair ramps, which makes that task somewhat difficult. They have taught me a great deal; because I have seen how they have had to overcome so many obstacles, I have a greater appreciation for my blessings and try not to take the little things in my life for granted

To conclude, I can add diversity to the University of Michigan and its marketplace of ideas because I am a non-traditional student who is a divorced, single mother of one. Owing to my unusual background and experiences, I am able to interact easily with people from all walks of life. Moreover, I can contribute to diversity on campus by helping bridge the gaps between people of different demographics. The University of Michigan is stronger because of its diversity, and I would be honored to become a part of that while adding my own contribution into the melting pot.

Hope you approve.

Ivan Said:

What Big Ten (Athletic Conference, not Ivies) Universities can I get into?

We Answered:

If you mean the following:…

Then I would say:
University Iowa - good shot
Purdue - good shot
University of Minnesota - good shot
Michigan State University - good shot
Pennsylvania State University - good shot
Ohio State University - great shot - almost a dead cert.

The rest will be iffy - still a shot but iffy. Overall I would say if you ain't choosy you will get into at least one for sure.


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