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Student Housing Assistance

Dora Said:

Any leads to look for housing grants or assistance for low income, single parent and student ?

We Answered:

Talk to a mortgage banker. Many states have bond programs that have lower rates & sometimes free money for your down payment. Some metro areas have special grants. More than likely you will need to be employed & the free money is usually reserved for those with good credit. Student loan money cannot be used for down payment or income.

Bonnie Said:

I'm an expecting, single, student who wishes to gain housing assistance. Dose FASFA provide off campus housing?

We Answered:

You're in college, knocked up and single. Good job there. Do you have family near by that can help out?

If not then forget about FASFA and look in to AFDC, WIC, Foodstamp, and welfare. As for a place to live check out the trailer parks in the area, find the one with trash all over the place . . . .That will be your home soon.

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