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Student Housing Association

Brad Said:

How to make a budget for an organization?

We Answered:

Since you are the Treasurer, you need to get other executive members like PRO, Social Secretary and other to submit estimate of what they require which you compute within your budget. If you don't know anything about Public Relations, it will be very wrong to budget for PR activities. An association must have executive members from ordinary members.

Renee Said:

Student apartment kicking me out for my service animal?

We Answered:

This is something your service dog program should be handling for you or at least answering your questions so that you don't have to ask on Y!A. Unless it's one of those Internet businesses that sell certification for any dog sight-unseen for a fee. In which case you just found out you blew your $40.

A service dog typically takes 18-24 months for full training. If you really did just adopt this dog from a shelter 3 months ago (as another answerer suggests), then there is no way it is a real service dog. It might be an emotional support animal, but if you told them it was a service animal and they found out it wasn't then they might have good cause for kicking you out.

Having a service dog is also not an absolute right. If your dog was not behaving appropriately, was damaging property, was disturbing neighbors, was being toileted inappropriately (in the wrong places or you weren't cleaning up), if the dog was permitted to run off leash, etc. then they would be justified in evicting you even if it is a real service dog. With privileges come responsibilities.

I just find it difficult to believe something hasn't been left out of this story. First they said it was fine and now it's not. What has changed, or more precisely, what has caused them to change their minds?

Now on to the legalities.

Service animals are not for diseases, but for disabilities. For some people lupus would be a disability but for others it would not. It is not the diagnosis that makes a condition a disability but the frequency, extent and duration of the impairment in major life activities which determine whether it is a disability. The doctors need to document that you are disabled, not that you have lupus.

The ADA isn't going to apply to most kinds of housing. It might with a public University but I can't say for sure. You'd have to consult an attorney. More often housing falls under the FHAA. Regardless, if this school is owned by the state or if it receives any federal money, then it probably cannot refuse a legitimate service dog for a qualified individual unless the dog is a direct threat or fundamental alteration, meaning so long as the dog is behaving correctly, they shouldn't be able to kick it out.

As to the cleaning fee, if your dog made any mess beyond normal wear and tear, such as toileting inside the apartment, or if you haven't kept up with vacuuming and cleaning up ordinary dog dirt, then they have every right to charge a cleaning fee.

Marion Said:

Any good ideas about what to do as a president of a neighborhood association?

We Answered:

I am not convinced big parties are the best way to spend what limited funds that you have. why don't you plan activities that center around a common theme of interest to all like perhaps a guest speaker of some kind. you will never be able to appeal to all tastes with a couple parties.

Dean Said:

Is it guilt by association if you live in a house with someone that has marijuana?

We Answered:

If it were in their room, there would be no reason to charge you with possession.

Re the school zone, in NJ at least, there is an exception to the statute where the drugs are possessed in a private home and not distributed for money.

Dan Said:

can my immigrant partner live with me in my council or housing association house?

We Answered:

The non UK spouse cannot claim benefits or public housing, but there are no barriers too you doing so. Any reliance on benefits should not increase as a result of his joining your household. If you were to need a bigger property, that would cause a problem.

Your bigger problem is your partner working full time as a student. He is not allowed to do this. The max he can work is 20 hours per week during term time, although he can work full time hours during vacations. You will shoot yourselves in the foot by admitting he is in a full time job. Watch what his bank statements reveal about income as he will have to present them with his application for a spouse visa.

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