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Student Housing Australia

Steven Said:

What should I do in Australia?

We Answered:

go to the beach. great surf. if you're not into surfing- there are really great forests and trails to explore. not the outdoors type? go to 'old melbourne gaol' ned kelly and stuff. it's really interesting. and go to melbourne museum. and go to sydney opera house. and tasmania PORT ARTHUR and cadbury factory. burliegh heads and tweed have the best beaches, and bondi. not noosa (the surf is really bad). go to mount nebo and mount mee in queensland. and redcliffe (also in queensland, just outside of brisbane). and nimbin (hippie town) and woodford folk festival (great folk music fesival, week before new years) and byron bay blues and roots music festival on the easter long weekend.
it's so much fun and there is endless possibilities of things to do.

Janet Said:

Is it okay to go to school on a bike if I'm a year 11 student in Perth Australia?

We Answered:

If you enjoy riding and want to ride your bike to school, I say go for it. A lot of schools do have bike racks these days and if not just secure it with a bike chain onto something around your school.

What part of perth is your school? Is the public transport there any good? I know a lot of parts of perth have really crappy public transport that doesn't come regularly, but others have exceptionally good public transport. Depending on what part your in, maybe public transport might be a better option.

Tommy Said:

exchange students from Australia to stay for 3 months in Scotland?

We Answered:

Hello. They have alot of places in Queensland for exchange students and really be careful who you stay with. Just hope you have fun over here and really chill out. Good luck and hope things go well. Interesting question.

Beverly Said:

How does a student go about moving to another state alone?

We Answered:

Keep doing internet searches for jobs and apartments. These days most business like that is easily conducted online. If its all too much for you it might be better for you to stay where you are and finish your degree first. Then you can move after you graduate. Moving can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Good luck.

Jon Said:

Is the landlord required to increase security in student housing?

We Answered:

I would immediately go to the school and talk to the provost or the ombudsman. Send a certified letter to the school and the residential manager with a copy of the letter you are going to send to the local news outlets, your parents, and your ambassador. Notify the police of the situation. Basically, the bigger the stink you make of the situation the faster you are going to get a resolution. Hope this helps

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Pulau Tidung said:

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I am definitely going to check this out as I am about to go to AU sometime next year.