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Student Housing Bath

Jennifer Said:

Is this a good price for college housing price?

We Answered:

It depends on the location of the building to your school, and the cost of living on campus in a dorm--that's where your comparison should be.

Your school may have a housing coordinator who can give you such info or you can probably find it on the website.

Isaac Said:

I need some help me to polish a proofread paper?

We Answered:

Honestly, I read the paper and it has a lot more work to be done. If I edit this paper, in its current form, it will no longer resemble a paper written by you. I think you might want to try to take a deep breath and re-read it very slowly and see where you are missing the subjunctive "that" and where your sentence structure is not very solid. Take it sentence by sentence. You may wish to choose different phrases to make the paper appear less "oral" and more "written." This draft of the paper just seems very rough to me and you will need to do more of the work on your own before asking for help. Once you have it in a more complete format, I would be happy to help you. Good luck.

Derek Said:

Should I rent to students or should I do senior housing.?

We Answered:

few things, the most important thing is to screen and do not necessary bite on the first application, do a criminal and back ground check, references, employment history

as toward whom to rent be very carefully on what you say in your add and to prospective tenant's, it it against the law to say no children, and only under certain housing conditions may you say Seniors only, esp since you live in NY city the local housing authority may send or have what they call a tester call and see what you say, say the wrong thing and big fines

Everett Said:

A young 19yr old college student wants to embark into real estate?

We Answered:

What are your monthly payments PITI?
Don't forget you pay real estate taxes, insurance, principal and interest, in addition to upkeep, maintenance, and repairs. Older homes need repairs, appliances need replacement, etc. And do you have sufficient income to qualify for a mortgage as a college student?
And what if your tenant stops paying you? Loses their job? Trashes the place, moves out?

Seems to me, that IF you can afford it, you'd be better off starting with a home/condo you can occupy, renting out the second BR to another student. You will have more control over the house then, and you have to live somewhere.

Ricky Said:

University of Bath?

We Answered:

It would surprise me if you are the first student at Bath wanting an arrangement such as you describe.

I would suggest taking a trip up there for a weekend and have a look around. I don't know the campus, but start from where your classes are likely to be located, and start walking toward town, and talk to shop owners where other students might go, like pubs, restaurants, newspaper stands.

Your odds are better than finding it here. I couldn't find Bath on a map without help, but... I do know you're looking for a business arrangement with an owner, and there's a very good possibility that the owner is advertising to help you find them, if you just know where to look for his ad.

Peggy Said:

How many people can legally live in a house? I own a 10 bd/4 bath house in LA.?

We Answered:

If there are local ordinances to that effect, they should be available at your local City Hall. Some places do have such laws, precisely to prevent college students from living in the community - or at least keeping a lid on the situation.

Incidentally, you may have basis for suing your nosy neighbor for harassment. If she makes repeated complaints when she's already been told there's no violation, she is making false reports and could be arrested as well. Maybe you should ask about that too - or consult with an attorney.

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