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Student Housing Benefit

Salvador Said:

full time student and housing benefit !?

We Answered:

im a full time student and i am receiving housing benefit and income support.

it doesnt matter wether the council know or not about you being in full ed.

i have another 3 years of college and am goin to receive the benifits untill i get a fulltime job.

its not going to cause any problem if you tell them.

Kelly Said:

what happens when a student in a hostel/supported accomodation is declared ineligible for housing benefit?

We Answered:

You need to go and speak to someone, if you have no income apart from your EMA then you should be entitled to help with housing. What was the reason the council won't give you housing benefit. They MUST tell you why, it should be on the letter they sent you if not ring them and ask for the detials. You might then be able to rectify the situation or get better advice. The CAB or your college will be able to give you a better idea what you can do about it and how best to get around the situation.

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