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Student Housing Birmingham

Matthew Said:

demolition due to non complience with building regs. help!?

We Answered:

Contrary to what previous posters have said, contravention of Building Regs and Planning Permission could both give rise to an order for demolition. Likewise, if the breach can be rectified they could both give rise to a remedial order.

Building Regs are concerned with compliance with certain standards etc. I'm not sure if there is anything in the Regs about size of garden. However, one thing that is strongly considered is escape routes. If there is no garden there is nothing to escape into so that could be part of the problem. Safety is one of the main reasons for Building Regs. A previous poster complained that we managed for a long time before town halls started poking their noses in. But we also had lots more people dying because the couldn't escape from burning buildings, or because they had no warning of a fire.

Planning is concerned with the development being appropriate to the area, impact on neighbours etc. Obviously not having a garden may make these properties inappropriate. And if there is no garden the upstairs windows may be looking straight into someone else's house.

Compliance with Building Regs is checked regularly during construction. If something as obvious as lack of garden was an issue it should have been pointed out earlier. Compliance with Planning Permission is not checked as you go along, but the permission would only have been given based on very specific plans. If they have not been followed then that is the owners fault.

Either way, if the development depended on buying the extra land that should have been done. If it proved to be impossible then a fresh Planning Permission should have been applied for.

Unfortunately, what the current occupiers think is irrelevant. These buildings will be there for 100 years or more, and the rules need to be considered long term.

Shawn Said:

real good apartment sites?especially for college students?

We Answered:

Harry Said:

I need help getting a student loan?

We Answered:

I work directly with financial aid in my need to ask the school about the possibility of obtaining the Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, and talk with your parents about possibly doing the Parent Plus loan (I know that you said they won't help you with a loan, but it really is one of the best ways to help you with your expenses) From the federal govt. perspective, parents are still responsible for helping their child with financial aid until you reach one of those 7 milestones on the FAFSA. There are some other independent lending agencies (Wells fargo, City Bank, Sallie Mae) but many of these will require a co signer....e-mail me if you have any other questions.....

Alicia Said:

student housing?

We Answered:

I go to school in DC, and I was nervous at first to, I had never really lived away from home, or in a dorm. Now I love it! Its like having all your best friends living down the hall from you! Its alot of fun, theirs alot of parties( and alot of work too), but if your having a rough time, or you need to studying w/ someone, you can just walk down teh hall or downstairs, or maybe one building over and their right there. It takes some getting used to, I mean you don't get alot of alone time and if you have a communal bathroom that deff. takes getting used to. If your school has a suite style option for freshman where you share a bathroom with like 3 other ppl, that might feel more at home for you. If not don't worry you will adjust. My dorm room now feels like home to me!. I hope this helped!

Nancy Said:

Housing in Birmingham?

We Answered:

you need to speak to you your local housing department, call the council and ask for the number for the one local to you

i hate to say it but they can't home single mothers with kids leaving violent partners, your situation although not great really isn't that bad, you might be better off trying to talk to your mom!

Joel Said:

Best Internet deal for me

We Answered:

The TV aerial is your responsibility unless it is in your rent agreement that the landlord is responsible for it.

What ever ADSL ISP you have you have to pay line rental to BT, although I believe a couple of them have the line rental inclusive in their package.

Which ever ISP you have they are subject to a 12 months contract minimum. A couple however have an 18 month contract.

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