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Student Housing Boston

Maxine Said:

I got admission from northeasten unv. in boston? Where should I rent house in boston?

We Answered:

There aren't many houses in Boston, apartment buildings are more common.

The closest areas are Mission Hill and Jamaica Plain, these will be the cheapest, closest and best places to check if you really want to live in a house rather than a flat.

Also consider Fenway/Kenmore/Symphony and the South End. Those are pretty close too, but can be more expensive.

Wesley Said:

Which school has friendlier students - Sarah Lawrence College or Boston University?

We Answered:

I can only speak to BU, but I personally found people there very friendly, though it comes down to a) what college you're in (COM, ENG, SMG, etc.) b) the kind of people you seek out/ignore and c) how high your geek factor is :D Some of the most friendly people at BU are in the slight-geek/nerd by day, indie music/film/art lover at night crowd -- these are the type that I get along well with, so it worked for me :D There is definitely a subset of people to avoid, the "bitchy," superficial ones, but I found it fairly easy -- they're not hard to spot!

Have you visited the schools yet? That might be a good way to gage, as well, and compare. Good luck!

Dean Said:

If I'm moving to Boston, where are some good places to look for apartments?

We Answered:

Ok I literally shivered at the answers (sorry guys but) both here and in other similar threads. First, don't just assume you can't afford Boston. You might have to look a little more/harder and live a little smaller. But I would MUCH rather have a slightly smaller apt or one with a few compromises rather than ever live in Somerville, some parts of Brighton, or well I never would live in the dangerous places mentioned. And if I was going to commute on the T, I'd choose something easier and nicer like Quincy.

BTW if one more person say Dorchester is getting better I am going to start linking to the near daily shootings where almost always some poor innocent bystander gets hit, not the person they were shooting at. (Not making this up, some poor 27 yr old woman minding her own business got hit on the news yesterday). If I wouldn't live there, I wouldn't suggest it.

So on to the positive. Look in Boston, definately look in Brookline, especially around the Boston/Brighton line, Cleveland Circle area, and all along Beacon St. While a lot is more money, there ARE some affordable, especially you are willing to walk up a couple flights of stairs etc.

Also look at some various highrises that cater to high turnover. For example Babcock Tower on Babcock St. off comm ave. It is a mixed income 21 story high rise, but even if you can't get into the moderate income (long waiting list), the market apts are cheapers than normal because of it. It's not a place to live long term IMHO, but for a few year it's a great place in a great location and the apartments are good sized. Just try to avoid management as much as possible. And there are several other newer buildings near BU that are somewhat affordable too, both in Boston and Brighton near BU. I'd look there too.

Is there ANY way you can move out early to look?? If you check Craig's list or various sources, there are tons of sublets WAY below market value in lovely neighborhoods. I think the key is going out and looking and getting to know realtors. The more effort you put into it the better shot you will get something nice.

Wish you said where you were going to school, since I might expand it but need to know which T line you would be taking. But this is where I'd start. Don't give up without looking. And just remember that in Boston the vast majority of leases start Sept 1 so it is wall to wall Uhaul traffic hell then. If there is any way to arrange it a day or so later, or less likely earlier, I'd see if you could. When I lived in town I would go away almost every year to avoid it. And the 1 of 2 I couldn't I didn't leave my building lolol. It's ugly out there then!!!!!!!

Best of luck with it. And feel free to write if you want to give me more info. Also there are a few web sites that specialize in Boston apts....just Google it, and you can get some ideas. Also you know your price range so you can see what fits!

ETA: This may be a helpful link.… And you can change the city if you want to look elsewhere (just do it in search box otherwise they make you register). It focuses on the larger realtors/complexes so it is a bit limited that way, BUT the focus is on feedback from folks who lived there so you can get a feel of the building. Ironically one of mine is a negative for the building I mentioned, but for a short term rental (a couple years), it's really not a bad option. Like most buildings it's a tradeoff. Also, if possible, I'd suggest sticking on the T and avoiding buses as they run far less frequently and often are full.

And GEE what a surprise we had not 1 but TWO shootings in Dorchester. So, like almost all of us here, I can't give any better, safer advice than to avoid that area, as it's always the innocent bystanders that seem to get hit. I'll post the link below if you want to see for yourself.

Misty Said:

Too old to be a grad student, live on campus? ?

We Answered:

You are not too old to live in grad school housing. If it is a necessity (i.e., trying to adjust to the school, environment, etc.), then go for it. However, if you do decide to live in grad housing I would request a roommate who is around your age. My friend was 30 when she lived in a grad dorm (Stanford). She stayed there for only a semester (just to get settled) until she moved out to her own apartment.

Hilda Said:

Unbiased student opinions/answers to these specific questions about Boston University?

We Answered:

Agree. has a wealth of good info about colleges you cannot get anywhere else.

Rita Said:

Where do students live while attending UMASS Boston?

We Answered:

UMB is a commuter school. They are planning to build dorms but nothing is final yet. Some students live in the apartments next to the school. The school has a deal with the owners of the buildings so most of the people there will be students. You still have to have the money for rent. Lots of people live in other towns near and around Boston. UMB is a good school because of the professors. Plus it is not very expensive. I went to UMB. I live a few towns over and drive to campus when I have class. If you live closer you can take the T.

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