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Student Housing Brisbane

Bernice Said:

Do you think Students who go to these brisbane Schools are bitches, sluts and snobs? any opinions?

We Answered:

All Hallows Girls are the BIGGEST bitches you could get. Snobs? Definitely. Sluts.. not all of them, but a fair percentage are. This is probably the worst choice of the three.

BGGS girls are not as bad, but still fairly bitchy. You're going to get that to some degree. Snobs.. Not as much as All Hallows.

Your best choice is probably Sommerville. It's not going to be perfect, but nowhere is. But you'll be better off there than in the other two.

PS: I'm not surprised that you copped some sh*t at the gap. The girls there are some of the bitchiest, sluttiest ones around, but you know what I mean. At least they're not real snobby. What's there to be snobby about, right?

Good luck.x

Tamara Said:

will rents in Brisbane drop once Uni starts?

We Answered:

Rent prices are more to do with the type of housing you want to get and where you want to rent.If you are prepared to travel you pay cheaper rent but if you want to be close to uni rent is more expensive.

William Said:

I am going to Brisbane Girls Grammar School next year.?

We Answered:

Hey I never went to the school, but a few of my mates from primary school went there, but all I knew and heard from them, that its a strict school, very strict on uniforms, academics, push you to do well, thats probably why its the best all girls schools in Qld, let alone brisbane, so be aware, that if you get into trouble, there could be serrious consquences. I don't know too much about the house system, but I heard that that house is a Maroon coloured one. You can look at the wikipedia article and official website for more information that I will place in the sorces area. And be aware, it depends how you behave, how the staff treat you, I guess thats for everwhere though. I hope this information helped you. :-). If you need other information, don't hesitaite to ask me. and please look at the websites to see for youself.

Eileen Said:

are backpackers the only ones allowed to stay in backpacker hostels?

We Answered:

Yes you can stay come on over.

Jack Said:

i would like to have some info on accomodation for students in Brisbane,Australia.plz give me a few websites?

We Answered:

The UQ Student Union has an accomodation section on their website which is widely used by landlords, students seeking share accomodation and students/people looking for people to share with them.…

Prices are listed for all properties and that will give you a good idea of the range available.

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