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Student Housing Calgary

Jack Said:

Please, i really cant do this anymore! HELP PLEASE?

We Answered:


Life may be sh**&ty right now hun, but the choices we make are sometimes what determine the road ahead....
Let me start by asking if you started smoking with your good ol' friends back home? If so, they may be cool and all but they are not the best choice for friends..think about it, there is no benefit from them help-wise if you all just spend time getting high to forget your issues... You have to confront them. You have made some decisions that can really hurt you and the deeper you dig the whole will only add on to your problems...
I suggest that you confront your issues...either you tell your mother the truth behind things you've been doing to supress your pain or tell her that you love her, but ultimately being there is really hindering your growth and you would like to move back with can't get worst...If you are already sexually active and on drugs that's really the last things you can do to really just be out there. I've been there and it's not the end of the road. It's only the beginning...You have experimented, but don't allow your experiments to become your lifestyle. You are a jewel and worth much more and are gonna do much more with your life....ONLY IF YOU CHOOSE TO... I really hope that all goes well and I will be praying for you.

Here's another thing, you either need to ask you mom to take you to the doctor asap or ask her to go visit with your dad so that he can take you...or ask one of your friends to take you if you are not comfortable with either one of them...However, my best bet is to ask one of your uncomfortable as it may seem..they are your parents and they love the crap outta you. No matter what you do in life they will always love you and they may get on you but that's all in love...they will be happy that that they could help you. You need that Tori. Really...Don't be afraid...You are never too cool to rely on mom and dad. Friends may be cool but mommy and daddy actually have your best interest at heart even when they don't know what the heck they are doing in raising us. Please tell her what's going on and tell her how she can help you. I'm sure she would appreciate it. She loves you.

Much Love hun..

Here is a big virtual HUG JUST FOR YOU. :-)

Andrea Said:

How much money does a student planning on moving to Toronto for university need?

We Answered:

I'm no financial expert, but I am a student planning on attending York as well.

Have you and your family ever visited Toronto before? If not, then it's not a wise idea to move there before getting to know the city.

If your family DOES end up moving there, you're looking at saving about $6000 on residence alone. Although, you must take into cosideration HOW you will get to York (bus? buy a car? etc.)

I'd suggest you work really really really hard in school, and make yourself eligible for all sorts of scholarships. Hopefully, you'll be able to collect enough money to live with a friend - or maybe even to live on your own in residence.

Good luck.

Kathleen Said:

Who wants to read this chapter, please?

We Answered:

This looks like a really good book. Good job!

Victoria Said:

Can my boyfriends employer do this to him?

We Answered:

From what I can tell after a quick read of Canadian Labor laws...

As far as the xmas bonus. Unless contractually guaranteed, that is completely at employer's discretion and can be granted/canceled at will.

Regarding the overtime. As defined by law, salaried positions do not have a specific time limit, i.e. unless contractually defined, the company is not obligated to pay him overtime or compensation. That said, you could make the case a verbal contract existed in this situation.

I would recommend your BF talk to the manager in question. It's possible he will still get paid, or if the company is really in finanical difficulty, perhaps he can negotiate a little, maybe for an extra week of paid vacation in 2009, which will probably also score a few brownie points.. Get the final result in writing.

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