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Student Housing Canada

Rhonda Said:

Are there any credible audio engineering courses at any Canadian universities? Or even a college with housing?

We Answered:

My friend is planing on taking that here…


Chris Said:

is any cheap, very cheap way to get a student visa in canada, i am from colombia?

We Answered:

You may be allowed to work in Canada if you meet one of the following requirements:
You want to work as a graduate assistant;
Your employment is part of a course of study, such as a work term during the year, as in cooperative programs;
You want to work on campus; or
You want to work after graduation in a study-related job for up to one year

So you must try to find out work there rather than finding a cheap way to go there.

Juanita Said:

Migration to Canada as a student first.?

We Answered:

You get admitted to Canada on a student visa, it doesn't count for permanent residence. You would be an international student, paying about double the fees Canadians pay.

You need work experience to get PR. Under certain circumstances, you could work in Canada after graduation. You need three years of permanent residence to appply for citizenship.

Derek Said:

Why pay off my Canada student loans when I get an income tax credit for all the interest paid?

We Answered:

Guess you don't know how taxes work.

The Canadian tax rate is NOT 100%, so why would you want ot pay $100 in interest to save $15. You would still be paying the other $85.

(It's not a credit, but a deduction.)

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