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Student Housing College Station

Norman Said:

How do I get to the House of Blues in Boston from South Station?

We Answered:

You can take the Red Line from South Station to Park Street and switch to the B,C, or D line of the Green Line. Take that to Kenmore Station and walk to the House of Blues. It should take about 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes and will cost $2.00

Debra Said:

$25k to Invest during college.?

We Answered:

Standard investment advice is that you should invest in a diversified mix of stocks, bonds, and money market funds. You want to buy a diversified portfolio of stocks as individual stocks are too risky. Most folks have a dificult time buying a properly balanced portfoilio of stocks on their own. They will misbalance their portfolio by buying all small stocks or all growth stocks, or some other misbalanced assortment of stocks. Unless you know what you are doing, it is best to buy mutual funds. I like, other people like Fidelity, TIAA-CREF, and DFA. Buy no-load, low cost funds. If you are like most people you will invest part of your money aggressively in stock funds, and part conservatively in money market funds and bond funds. has an on-line questionnaire which will give you an idea of how to do "Asset Allocation," determining how much to put in each type of fund.

If your company offers a 401K plan at work, try to invest the most you can. The money grows tax free, and some companies will match your contribution. Investing in a mutual fund IRA is also a good idea.

I like index funds. Because of their broad diversification, you are less likely to have a dramatic drop in value. They also have the lowest expenses. For stock funds, I would suggest putting ~70-80% of your money in the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund. and ~20-30% in a foreign stock index fund. However, there are many different opinions out there on what the best mutual funds are. Read the links below and form your own opinion.

Believing advice you get on Yahoo answers can be risky, so read these websites for further information. If you find it too confusing, contact a professional financial advisor. They will charge you significant commissions, however.


Asset Allocation Calculators
(Determining how much to put in stocks and how much into bonds and money markets is a personal decision depending on your financial status. These Asset Allocation questionaires give you a rough idea how to do this. I like Vanguard best, but try some of the other sites as well.)……

Web forum:
(Many investment web forums are overrun by scam artists. This one seems the most legitimate site.)

Rachel Said:

I got my first ever DUI -- college student, never been in trouble -- will I go to jail?

We Answered:

You can compare how the insurance quotes would change, for example here -

Laura Said:

Which Wireless station should I buy?

We Answered:

I highly recommend using Linksys. That brand is in my opinion the best company to buy these from. =)

Have fun!

Tim Said:

Reposting for fresh info on bf talking to exes via myspace/facebook...?

We Answered:

I wouldn't make a big deal out of it. One thing you need to remember is that he is very young, and his past relationships were from HIGH SCHOOL. They probably didn't last more than a month or two, and couldn't have been that serious. As long as he is just talking to them, and that's all there is to it, there's not a real reason to be bothered. Also, you didn't really say what his response is to what they say. If they are just leaving comments, etc. then he doesn't have much control over that. If it's just comments, and he isn't even responding in any way, then you're really blowing it out of proportion.

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