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Student Housing Companies

Violet Said:

How much do student house painters get paid?

We Answered:

I think it depends on the state you are in. But, I am in CA and asked my painter about summer/student help and what they are paid. He said usually $10 an hour for the first summer while he is training them. Most return until they finish their education and earn up to $15 an hour.

Byron Said:

Am I considered a full time if I'm a part-time student at two different colleges?

We Answered:

The minimum requirement to be considered full time is to take at least 12 credit hours or 4 classes at each given institution. It seems like you will be considered Full time at he College of Southern Nevada and part time at UNLV. This is based on institution status requirement which may affect your financial aid. However, you might want to look into transferring credits to the preferred graduation institution.

Donald Said:

Who do I go to about a disagreement with my student accomodation company?

We Answered:

Contact the Environmental Health Department of your local council. Ask to lodge a complaint about a house of multiple occupancy. They will be able to sort it out fairly quickly.

Gwendolyn Said:

Companies that offer cheap room insurance for recent graduate?

We Answered:

I recommend State Farm, but you can check with several companies
before choosing one. Since you are just renting one room and I do
not imagine the total value of your contents will be that high. I do not
know but State Farm has a minimum. You can also opt to pay on a
monthly basis, quarterly basis, semi-annually or annually. You will
have to pay a little more up front, but after that you will not have to
pay as much. The best way to find the info you want is to get the
phone book and call several agents.
Another thing to keep in mind - if you use the same company
that your car insurance is with then you will get a discount, but
you should still shop around.

David Said:

arte there any insurance companies that do students contents insurance for joint holders?

We Answered:

None that I am aware of. Since none of you are related it could get complicated at time of claim; or even to administer the policy.

It should not be too expensive for each of you to get a policy. Start with your parents home insurer.

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