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Student Housing Design

Justin Said:

What is the best Residence Hall for a foreign freshman student enrolling in Parsons The New School for Design?

We Answered:

You really need to speak with the housing department at the school, they can give you the best answers to your questions, and then you can decide which is best for you.

Dan Said:

How to design a house for a software engineer? What might be his requirements and expectations?

We Answered:


Leonard Said:

Can I hire students to design and build an (affordable) green house in CA?

We Answered:

California is a touchy state. First you need to talk to your local code enforcement agency about this.
I'd hate to get started on this project, and have it slammed "shut down" and out any money.
There are areas in California where these trailers have piled up, and they are being used as housing. Long Beach I believe.
If you do get the ok. Find a collage or tec school. Check it out, and run your idea through the teachers. If they like the idea, let them take it to the Dean with you attending. Also retain a lawyer and Insurance. Just in case someone gets hurt. Our state seems to be a big SUE state., either by somebody getting hurt,. Or that neighbor down the street.

Dawn Said:

i'm i design student trying to design a japanese tea house. I will like to know what are the types of tea room

We Answered:

Hope this helps ->


Margie Said:

Im an architecture student, and one of my assigments is to design a house for Jason Mraz.?

We Answered:

He has said in interviews he'd like a solar-powered house. That would be interesting to design architecturally.

Sunshine, baby. He's also into mediation and relaxation.
Make it by the beach too, he loves surfing.

And yes, he's a raw foodist. Loves to cook, does a lot of time prepping food. He does own a farm. Maybe include a garden. =)

Donald Said:

Ever see those HGTV Design Exam shows where the student redesigns a space as a final exam on a set budget?

We Answered:

You could call the county co-operative extension and see if the Master Gardeners would like to tackle it as part of their volunteer hours. But they would look askance at you if you are a bargain hunter as opposed to someone who is financially needy or disabled.

Carrie Said:

Help a student out! Interior design survey! it wont take long!! PLEASE!! :)?

We Answered:

Age: 47

General Occupation: Service industry

Type of home you reside in:

Do you own you own home:

How many people reside at your home:
4 ... self, husband, 2 teenage kids (ages 19 and 13)

Does each person have their own bedroom:

How does your home effect how each occupant interacts: (eg. One bathroom creates arguments, central nature of kitchen creates conversation ect):

Big house, 2 floors, 3 (yes, 3!) bathrooms ... plenty of space. We don't really have to cross paths unless we want to or choose to. Some families would probably consider this a drawback, but I like it. The floorplan is semi-open, which works better for us than totally open or all individual rooms. We can all be together if we want to in the "family areas" of the house (kitchen, living room, dining room) or spread out (library, master suite, upstairs loft, separate bedrooms) for more privacy.

Are conflicts created due to the location of certain rooms or spaces:

Two things ... the first-floor master suite is off the living room. Usually not a problem, but it's kind of odd. Also, the kids (boy and girl) share the upstairs bathroom. Sometimes there's a bit of conflict over who gets to use it when, or which one left what where ... but it's not a major problem.

Is there a particular addition to your home that makes it functional for the occupants:

Might sound strange, but everyone's favorite feature of the house is our huge wraparound porch. We spend a ton of time on that porch. We use it the way most families use a patio ... we have a table and chairs out there (it's our summer dining room!) as well as comfortable adirondack chairs for relaxing. The master bedroom also can be accessed directly from the porch. We love it!

Also, my kitchen is at the front of the house, which makes it easy to serve meals on the porch ... right through the window!

Do you feel that any particular design elements of your home effect the way you live:

The floorplan ... again, with teenagers, everyone needs the option of privacy.

First-floor laundry is a dream-come-true for me. No more hauling laundry-baskets up and down the basement steps!

Garage is on the side of the house, just off the kitchen ... SOOO convenient for bringing in groceries, etc.!

Are there any design elements that you dislike about your home, in relation to how it effects the interaction between you and the other occupants:


Has any new technology made interaction easier/harder between you and other occupants of the home:

Not really, at least, not something specific to the house itself. We all have cellphones, so my kids will once in awhile CALL me from upstairs to ask or tell me something ... kinda similar to when whole-house intercoms were all the rage?

Are there any additions you would add to your home if you could, explain:

I'd love to add a sunroom or 3-season room on the BACK of the house. The back of my house has southern exposure, and I wish I had more windows on the back ... especially in the winter! I would also replace a few interior doors with pocket-doors (just to save space that swinging doors take up) and (this isn't possible) I wish my basement were a walkout rather than completely below grade.

Other comments relating to design and the behaviour and interaction between the occupants of your home:

My home works pretty well for my family. We had it built (semi-custom), based on a homeplan and modified by the builder and me. We were first-time homebuilders (what an adventure, and probably NEVER AGAIN!), so some features could have been planned a little better.

If I could do it over again, I'd pay more attention to the family-areas of the house. I'd have built the kitchen, dining area, and living areas a little bigger, and used better materials. We do have a fireplace, which should be a natural family gathering-area, but don't use that room much because the corner placement of the fireplace makes furniture arrangement awkward, and no one really likes that room!

Also, the first-floor master works well for us, but if my kids were young, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable sleeping on a different floor of the house than my kids.

These are very interesting questions! I never really thought about how the design of our house affects how our family-members interact with one another, but clearly it does!

Good luck in your design career!

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