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Student Housing Development

Clayton Said:

In new housing developments (attached or not) how many children per unit are added to the school system?

We Answered:

impossible to do. There are too many factors to deal with. First problem what is the cost of housing compared to the suroundings because families with school age kids can't afford high cost housing and will move to cheaper neighborhoods while you will get a few you will get more with lower home cost. How is the neighborhood in terms of zoning new developments to poor schools will get less families than those zoned to better schools. Take Reno, NV huge construction boom almost a zero student growth because the median home price is up to $330,000 most families can't afford that it is usually upgrades and transplanted retires from other states. Of course the year before huge student growth. There is no magic formula you can predict there will be growth but it comes down to cost of homes and jobs for the parents and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Renee Said:

Have you seen this passed (H.R) Bill of "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009"?

We Answered:

Status: Considered by Senate

Karl Said:

Is the best part of a GOP House, that the DREAM Development, Relief & Ed for Alien Minors ACT will never pass?

We Answered:

Maybe they should look after young americans before immigrants...

Hector Said:

im a student who is going bankrupt , some items i am not sure if i can keep , can you help?

We Answered:

To be honest i rather think either the lappy or PC will go as they could consider you do not need both. They may also consider the TV fair game as you do not need an 800 quid TV to do your studies, You can pick up an excellent 28/32 inch crt TV from Sony or Panasonic for probably 50 quid as they are virtually unsaleable now as everyone wants a flat panel TV. I actually see many people taking these down to the local re-cycling centre and dumping them.

Marlene Said:

When do most students move in to their housing developments?

We Answered:

When they are allowed to. Ask.

Clara Said:

Why are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, like Obama's aunt, living in federally funded housing?

We Answered:

That is the American Dream for an illegal alien. Sneak across the border, have a baby and get on welfare!!!

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