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Student Housing Downtown Toronto

Bobbie Said:

Can a 17 year old rent an apartment with a 18 year old with no job?

We Answered:

You cannot legally sign a contract to rent a place until you are age 18.

Call the department of social services. They will help you find free housing until you can go on your own.

Kelly Said:

Am I overreacting to this?

We Answered:

You are not over-reacting but you are missing all of them. You are kind of family person and you care about them ( Your brothers and Parents). But it seems that they do not have care of that emotions you have. They have graduated already and settled in their life. It is no good. If there is a genuine reason they cannot come you can't blame them. You know, it will take at least 1000$ expense to visit you even if it is one day. I don't know if anyone of your family member can manage that. but if then can and then have a reason to avoid that. that is bad.

But at least your MOM is coming there and she will definitely fill up your empty hearts with all joy and happiness you are looking forward on Graduation Day.

So don't be depress, keep calm, and enjoy your graduation day by yourself. You are learning a lesson as how to live your life your way and to come out of any awkward situation if arises.

As you mentioned you are top students in your grade. Congrats and Good luck.

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