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Student Housing Edinburgh

Lawrence Said:

Do universities look at what college you went to?

We Answered:

Universities look at grades more so than the college you go to. However, more top end universities are now giving more consideration to pupils who do well in schools with poor grades.
Honestly though, it'd be much more worthwhile going to a college with better grades, therefore I'd recommend number 2, then number 1 and number 3 looks a bit poor.
It might be worth looking a bit more into where most students go after leaving these colleges (ie university? if so what universities? etc.)
Please don't base your decision too much on time.

Willie Said:

Ferreiras kicked out of EastEnders?

We Answered:

They left in 2003..…

Mario Said:

Can I get into highly selective colleges?

We Answered:

Yeah I think you definitely could! You've done amazingly academically, and you have great activities and you've won lots of awards. And you're part of a minority, which adds diversity to the school.
Applying to college is expensive (there's an application fee with every college you apply to) so I would choose which colleges to apply to carefully. Research their programs and social scenes (there's a great website called that has information on the social life, city, people, academics and sports, etc.) Also take into account the tuition--can you get financial aid? Are you able to pay for most of it?
Talk to your school counselor about what schools could be a good fit for you.

Ted Said:

How is this for my book?? HELP PLEASE =3?

We Answered:

Your characters are pretty awful. I can't see any flaws, or any likable parts of them, that makes we want to know about them. I suggest really getting to grips with your characters, because they're not real - right now they seem like your own dream of what a perfect person is. We just don't want that. The names you've given them set them above and beyond realistic school students, which we can't relate to.

A thing which also bothered me, but isn't quite so important, is your sense of description. It's ok not to include what colour the lockers are, are how curly his hair is. However, you do create a good image, and that is at least good enough I think.

On to the mainly positive. I really like your story, and where it is going. Despite what I said about the characters, the story line one that we can all relate to - forbidden love - and therefore we can naturally develop an interest.

So anyway, over all I'd give it a 6/10 right now. 8/10 is the point where it usually ready to be published, if that's the road you were taking. And please don't take any answers here to seriously, take it and move on, because I think you have a lot of potential =)

Chris Said:

Hi, Im working in UK as a BUNAC visa now. My visa is up in a month, and was wondering how to stay longer.?

We Answered:

You need to go home and apply for a student visa. If you over stay you'll have problems getting a visa in the future.
No other way.

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