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Nelson Said:

is my resume good?? please take a look?

We Answered:

Overall, it's pretty good, but in my opinion, you have included too much personal information that will get your resume tossed rather than considered:

Your objective would be better stated as:

To gain employment in a part-time position with a company.........

I'd leave out your elementary and junior high education; that is not going to be of interest to an employer.

I'd leave off your interests and activities : most employers really don't care

I'd leave off the Language: why emphasis you only speak one language?

Same thing with your volunteer experience: if you only have one volunteer experience, back to junior high, I would not include that--it emphasizes a lack of volunteering-in my opinion.

For references, I prefer to state: References provided upon request. If you plan on using Best Buy, have the person's name, job title, phone # and address available.

And make sure you have that person's permission to use them as a reference. If you do give out the name to a perspective, give the reference a head's up. I've had former employees that I've fired use me as a reference without asking my permission. Big mistake!

I would add a new section detailing your strengths:
Flexible Schedule (around school of course)
Fast Learner
Team Player
Hard Worker

(obviously don't list these if they aren't true)

So there's my opinion; hopefully you will find it of some benefit!

Good luck!

William Said:

How is my resume?? Take a look please?

We Answered:

1. Under education it is also good to place jr. high school and elementary school if you haven't moved too often. Put state, city, zip code, street and phone #. Fix reward to rewards.
2. Under work history place address, phone #, etc. and manager's name. Don't put Christmas, not everyone celebrates it, put holiday, and if you ever work Christmas don't say Merry Christmas to customers say Happy Holiday.

Worked in the Digital Audio Department for the holiday season of 2006.

3. What did you do for volunteer work at the Open House, fix house. What was the supervisor for the programs name.

4. I like your strengths but fix skills so it is lower.

5. You didn't mention a thing about digital cameras, didn't you learn anything.
Learner, fix that, you said it 3 times, take that out of skills
What skills do you have in school?

6. References, take it out, they already know you worked there. Place teachers, principal, guidence counsler, etc. that know you pretty well or someone on the outside of your home that you help out, like mow a lawn or something.

7. Who ever you place on the resume you would like to speak to first to make sure they don't mind and that they know that you are looking for a job just in case they do receive a phone call then they know what it is about.

Sounds like work? It is, but once it's done it's done and save it so when you move on most of it is already done and you can just adjust it as needed.

If you are looking for a job more technical that you want to keep then you will want to write a cover letter. That will explain why you want the job. Try to find out the hiring manager's name by making a phone call, sounds embarressing but you will get use to it and it's mostly lower grade employees who answer. Make sure you place your name, address, phone # and date on the right corner.
You may hand it in or mail it, by hand is better, if so dress nice because some people receive an interview that moment.

If not make sure you do a follow-up call in 3 days of handing it in or estimate that they will receive it in 2 days and call in 3 days.

If you do receive a job interview but do not get the job at that moment then you have to write a Follow Up Letter. Make sure you remember his/her name, it's ok to bring a small pad and pen and jote notes during an interview. Let that person know what you liked about the job and why you are still interested.

Never bring up wages unless it is done for you. Wait until you know you are hired and then you may bring it up, even before the 1st day of work and know what you are worth.

Wish I knew some of that computer stuff I have a store that needs a nifty sign.

Jeanne Said:

resume good ??? quick check please?

We Answered:

Fix the spelling, "talk very easily". And change that to "good communicator". The eye contact thing is kind of wierd.

Awards, not rewards:
Awards: Four Student of the Month Awards - 2006

Under the work description, say what you did, not where you worked. You already said the company name, the reader knows you worked there. You could say "Assisted customers with product queries in the digital audio department".

Your objective is just to gain employment? That doesn't tell the reader anything they don't already know. How about "To gain employment in a position that will help me hone my customer service skills while at the same time learning about the retail business", or something like that.

Use bullets where you can in lists (like for the Skills section).

List out the MS Office products you know (MS Access, MS Word, etc.).

Hope this helps, good luck.

Colleen Said:

Do you ever feel this way?

We Answered:

most teenagers feel that way

Discuss It!

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