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Student Housing For Sale

Yvonne Said:

My daughter wants to know a website where you can view many houses for sale from 200k to 300k?

We Answered:

Ohh, you are so hard... if you throw her out, at least give her a deposit for a property... ha ha

Juan Said:

How many plan to make a monthly pledge to Ted Haggard?

We Answered:

Since he was a preacher, soliciting for funds WAS the way he made his money. He's simply taking a skill he's already utilized in his life and is turning it to his advantage. Sadly, the contributors won't be able to take the gifts off their taxable income.

It may be said that all clergy are best described as fund raisers. Haggard was apparently one of the best.

^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^ ^v^

Sharon Said:

Income tax rate on house sale in NJ?

We Answered:

If you have lived in the house for 2 of the last 5 years then you are exempt from taxes on the sale of a home unless you make over $250,000 of profit from the sale.
If your situation is more complicated than that (like own another home, recently sold another home), then:…

Daniel Said:

Student loan debt ££££?

We Answered:

Your question seems a little fragmented.

You say that you are obtaining a divorce, yet it seems that the financial matters have been resolved!

If there has been an ancillary relief agreement, then it would seem that you have left it too late to attempt to discharge your liabilities from the settlement.

When you say (he) took the largest part of the house sale, how did that come about? Usually both parties liabilities are discharged from the sale proceeds. Why did that not happen?

There appears to be a whole lot more to this, and I know it's difficult to condense it all into one question, but I think you would need to provide much more information to get a sensible response!

June Said:

What steps do you take to buy a house?

We Answered:

piece of cake; skip the institutional purchase lending-borrowing
approach at this stage. Find a nice home you like and
negotiate for a LEASE -purchase. YOU get what is called
equitable interest but no equity till you do a real purchase.

YOU can negotiate anything in a lease purchase; such as
a loan for the downpayment, when you will buy, the carryback
if applicable, who pays for repairs, etc.

Robert Allen made himself famous ages ago, by showing the world
how to get sellers to CARRY their mortgages [if debt free, this
works fine].

I would not even seek bank $ till I was working happily at least
2 yrs at a job.

Available to guide you further.

Kent Said:

I think my father is insane. He just told me I need to help him pay his back taxes.?

We Answered:

What an appalling situation. You have my sympathy.

The way I see it, the solution here is simple--even though it won't be easy for you to do because you are so used to rescuing and enabling your father.

The fact is, you've done enough and it's time to stop. Period. Dead stop. No taking out loans and giving the money to your father. No getting a job to pay the IRS. None of it. End the gravy train now.

Understand that there is no way your father will agree to this, like it, or be convinced that you aren't obligated to continue to bail him out of the troubles he has created for himself. So don't even bother showing him the numbers or trying to convince him. It won't matter. He'll ignore you like he has always done.

Therefore, you need to have one conversation with your father where you tell him that you are done and that he is now on his own. Be prepared for him to respond negatively because he will. Tell him that you love him and will be happy to provide emotional support as he gets back on his feet...but no more financial support and no more lying for him.

If you need help doing this--and you very well may--I suggest you talk to a licensed mental health professional. Sometimes, doing the right thing is extremely hard, and you may really need help to get untangled.

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