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Student Housing Furniture

Andre Said:

Im looking for competitive pricing for furniture...looking to buy in large bulk?

We Answered:

Are you looking for new and best furniture? As for new, I have been in many furniture stores recently for buying furniture and a lot of them have some really good clearance deals probably because of the economy. You may want to check some stores some modern furniture stores that have good clearance deals.

Derrick Said:

My ex-boyfriend thinks he is entitle to half of my furniture.?

We Answered:

if he has lived with you for more than sixs month then he file for i for got what its called but if hes ben there for more than six months then hes leagaly married to you and yes he could posably take sum things

Sarah Said:

Bright lime green furniture, what will match?

We Answered:

I like the colours you have, but add some Canary Yellow, That would look wonderfull. 9/11

Anna Said:

We are buying a house and worried that the sellers are going to leave alot of old furniture (sofas etc..)?

We Answered:

You don't "ask". You "inform" them the furniture is to be gone.

You hold back the approximate cost of having a junk remover come and pick it up from the total price (with a WRITTEN estimate), in case they don't remove it.

If they do, you pay. If they don't you hire it done, with the money you've kept.

This is a question your attorney could have answered a long time ago.

Natalie Said:

college student moving out of parents house and in need of furniture HELP!!?

We Answered:

i faced this same problem when i moved into my college apartment last year. go to the salvation army. seriously, dont let pride get in the way. i was able to get myself a kitchen table with 6 chairs for $40 (and i mean nice wooden furniture worth WAY more than $40), i got couches for around the same price.

check it out, it's worth the time. if you can't find matching furniture you can always get matching covers. There is no cheaper way other than to look on for cheap or even free stuff.

i found it easier to just go to the salvation army though where everything is in one spot and you can see it in person.

Jessie Said:

What's the best way to ship some VERY special antique furniture pieces from FL to TN?

We Answered:

Get a Uhaul and pick them up yourself!

Cheapest way - least risk of damage

call northAmerican van lines - ask for High value product division and get a quote on shipping

Probably will run you about $1500.00

That's what I did last time

Next time - UHAUL!!!

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