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Student Housing Georgia

Caroline Said:

I am thinking about transferring to georgia tech this fall any advice or current students opinions?

We Answered:

I didn't go there, but my dad did. It is a fantastic school. My uncle told me it just got voted into the top 5 of engineering schools. You won't regret it. As far as advice, I recommend going to their web site. They feature student videos, blogs by current students, youtube videos, etc that should help you get to know more about it. You can probably contact the bloggers with specific questions.

Joanne Said:

Is an Alaskan Malamute a good pet for a 23 year old college student in Georgia?

We Answered:

Alaskan Malamutes are not made for the southern weather, you better have good air conditioning during the summer months because summers in the deep south are brutal.

As for you, they are not good dogs for students because generally they require a lot of attention and if they don't get that attention they get mad. I currently own an Alaskan Malamute and it can be a pain when it does not get the attention, I have a family helping me take care of it and it hates other dogs. It gets along well with my White Shepherd Dog but most of the times we still separate them.

They require a lot of grooming and are picky eaters as I have noticed, they also grow attached to you, if you ignore them, they will find ways to get your attention, just not ways you want them to get your attention. I don't recommend it because the weather down south will be punishing for that dog.

If you have the air conditioning to help the dog out and feel that you can spend quite a bit of time with it or have your friends/family take care of it while you are gone, then get it. But generally, they do require more exercise and attention than the average dog.

Edit: What 4 accounts Kaper? THIS is my only account and Vagger Lance is a friend of mines who I actually know in real life. He has his own account, both of us own dogs and I have too busy of a schedule to waste too much time on this site.

As for your claims, I am not winning this, you have your clique on this section and so be it. I have my favorite breed as pets and I am not coming back here, you have issues, you need a better hobby and a busier life. So you won't be so stuck on stopping people from getting dogs they want, you didn't stop me.

Marcia Said:

Does any of Georgia State's on campus housing allow dogs?

We Answered:

Contact Georgia State directly and ask about your dog./

Tanya Said:

KSU student... I don't get it.?

We Answered:

As a resident of the area who has a student attending KSU I am outraged at Dr. Papp and his ability to give freely to others who have broken our laws (not just being illegal, but driving a vehicle, lying to authorities) when my child is denied financial help that is within his power to grant.

This is not an innocent caught up in America due to the faults of her parents, Let's put the illegal alien ( The accurate description of a foreign national illegally residing in America is illegal alien. An illegal alien is a criminal subject to as much as six months in jail for first offense and subject to federal felony charges for subsequent entries after deportation.) bit aside for a moment and look at her again, She's a liar and a criminal, she's been lying her way through school, she lied on her admissions form by stating her residence was in state and had not lived there for over 5 years and to the GA Board of Regents therefore she should be expelled from campus on that alone. She attested that all the information was truthful when she signed, She had a campus parking pass and had never taken a drivers exam, never held a legal license Did not have auto insurance. I can't see a natural born citizen getting a pass on this so why should she? She chose to lie, she chose to drive she knowingly broke our laws and now hopes to be able to go along on her merry way because she's illegal and aspires to be a lawyer? This is a person worthy over taxpaying, law abiding, citizen applicants? It's an outrage!

Virginia Said:

What communities in Georgia (US) are in bad condition and need to be revitalized/redesigned?

We Answered:

Yes, I agree, Clayton County. In particular Forest Park and Conley have really cute bungalow houses at rock bottom prices.

Bonnie Said:

Georgia state only has coed dorms?!?

We Answered:

Don't worry it usually means that most of the dorm buildings on campus have both males and females living in them, but usually each floor will be one sex floors. So floor 2, 4, 6, and 8 might be all female while floors 3, 5, and 7 might be all male. ALso most universities will have one or 2 dorm buildings that are all female or all male. YOu should be just fine. I lived in both kinds of dorms while I was in college and you hardly ever saw males on your floors unless they were escorted by a female and rarely were they there at night. Everything will be okay! Hope this helps calm you down a bit good luck with school!

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