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Student Housing Guide

Melanie Said:

I'm nervous about meeting my college roommates? I'm a sophmore Transfer student in upperclassmen housing?

We Answered:

Be positive in your thought and approach./

Lois Said:

I need some information on housing assistance in california. Can anyone guide me?

We Answered:

Since you are not receiving child support you should be able to receive welfare, at least food stamps.

For housing you need to contact HUD. You may not qualify since you are making the choice to only work part time. You are not low income because you are working minimum wage, you are low income by choice.

You are going to need more then $400 after rent to live. There will be utility bills, food, etc. You really should stay with your parents until you finish your education. You don't have to choose a hard life for you and your child, so don't.

Still go to the welfare department though, they will get your child support from the childs father.

Ana Said:

what is the cost of the student visa for china ?

We Answered:

There is NO VISA FEE.Under the Diplomatic Protocol of 1953, signed between PR China & the Government of Pakistan all ordinary passport holders of both countries are exempted from visa fee.
There is no visa required for Official & Diplomatic passports of China & Pakistan for a stay up to 90 days.

Colleen Said:

I an engg. student, wanna earn some simple money. So any body can guide me HOW n FROM WHERE . . .?? ?

We Answered:


Many website is spam or fake in the internet which offer you to pay.Don't go for any pay site(where you have to pay).These website are fake..But not all the website is fake.. Some of they really pay..But you have to chose the right website for earning which really pay.Then you can earn money from home..
But you have to serious about your work..You have to do some work for them,then only they will pay you..
Its have to refer your friends and let them join under you.Thats it very hard for you?
I am also earning money from internet..But i researched all the things about online earning..Some of them are really pay but the earning rate is very slow..Other website pay you in dollar..
If you want to earn in indian currency then you can try it,but you have to serious about your work..

Zachary Said:

Pls guide me, I got a part time (2 hr) job of house cleaning, I am a student?

We Answered:

I can give you a little info from my point. I have recently had to have someone come and and clean for me as I am getting ready for a full hip replacement and am not mobile- nor steady on my feet.

The first couple times she came, I let things go but then I sat down with her and explained that to me, things are important such as:
1. When you dust, MOVE stuff, don't do the middle.
2. When you wash a window, get deep in the corners not just a circular motion and leave the corners dirty.
3. When you clean the bathroom, the bottom of the toilet is part of the bathroom so clean it either when washing everything down or when washing the floor - but don't leave the bottom of the toilet dirty.
4. The top of the refrigerator needs to be wiped down as well as the inside of the refrigerator.

Anyway, all is well, she understood and has been doing a great job for me. I don't think I was being picky or petty, just stating that cleaning is cleaning.

Hope this helps!

Charlie Said:

What is the best college guidebook out there?

We Answered:

I think Princeton Review and Fiske are probably the best. Those were the ones my high school college admissions counselor (a former admissions officer at Wake Forest U) always recommended.

If you narrow down your list of schools, you might also want to check out College Prowler. I don't think College Prowler makes a comprehensive guide to colleges. Instead it just does one for each individual US college, so you have to have narrowed down your options pretty well, unless you want to buy a lot of guides. I found these really helpful. College Prowler is a company that bases its assessments of schools almost entirely on student input, so you'll get a lot of student reviews and statements on every facet of the college (from dating to dining, from campus safety to campus living). College Prowler presents each aspect of the college in a report card style format (Ex. Dining: B+) and then explains why the college earned that grade for that aspect.

Good luck!

Billie Said:

I just received an exchange student from Spain in school to be his tour guide. How can I relate to him?

We Answered:

If you can already speak a bit of Spanish, then sure - go ahead and speak a bit of Spanish to him - but remember that he is there to improve his English and learn from you, not to help you improve your Spanish. It would be useful to him if you could perhaps help him a little with his pronuncation, maybe teach him a few new words everyday and introduce him to a few aspects of the culture.
Letting other people show him around may also be useful to him in learning from different peope, but make sure that he is comfortable with this before you offload him onto anybody else.

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