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Student Housing Hawaii

Kim Said:

international student needing help of coming up with ways to pay for tuition...?

We Answered:

give your introduction all
your full bio-data included Date of birth , in which std you are studying now , all these things can born help , economically help,
make 1'st friend sheep to getting help
My email:-
Take care & write me Mail

Crystal Said:

the link between the recession and the educational system?

We Answered:

The recession is a combination of factors from all sectors. To fault recession on one entity is not intellectual. It is like a math problem you cannot look at just one variable and try to solve a problem. You must look at the entire equation to figure it out.

I am not taking the time or wasting my energy on answering each of your questions. Within these questions there are some legitimate questions when you rephrase them accordingly. However, this line of questioning should be applied to politicians, CEO's, banks, etc. That should be your starting point then work your way down.

Your issues with the educational system does not validate blaming it for the state of the economy.

Gary Said:

link between the Recession and Educational system?

We Answered:

These thing could reduce the growth rate of the economy, but not cause a recession. They would cause a gradual changes in house values, not the bubble which doubled their prices and then produced a sudden decline which is the reason for the forecloses. Without the drop in sales prices people who can afford to make their payments can sell their house for a high enough price to pay back their mortgage.

Dwayne Said:

Is it possible to live cheaply in Hawaii?

We Answered:

First off, screw anybody that thinks your idea is stupid! We should all be so lucky to be able to travel like that, and I wish you the best with your plans! Hawaii is fantistic- you'll have a great time, even if you have to work a lot!

This is where friends can come in handy, although being from England may make it difficult. If you know anyone who is living there, you can couch surf (sleep on their couch) until you get on your feet. It's going to be hard to find a place without having some connections out there, first. You can try craigslist and see if anyone is looking for a roomate- that the way most college-age people live in Hawaii, anyway. Also, I've heard rumors of hostels in Hawaii. I know there is one in Waikiki, and I've seen lots of European/Canadian/Austrailian tourists that stay there, but I have no clue how expensive it is or for how long you can stay.

As for work, you can find it if you're flexible. I know a girl who moved to Hawaii for two years and did just fine for herself as a waitress and a fake tattoo artist in Waikiki. She worked lots of long hours, but she said it was worth it just to be near the beach.

Good luck!

Linda Said:

native English speakers! Please help me with my poor English?

We Answered:

So, I was in an uncomfortable situation in the bus as I could not speak English at all. I tried to find an Asian, but in vain. What is worse, I only knew my host's family name. I felt my heart beating faster. I nearly cried.
Just then, the bus stopped at a bus stop, and an Asian boy got onto the bus! I could make out he was Japanese (you must be wondering how... I think most of us Japanese people can differenciate between Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and other Asians). He took a seat in the bus.
I went up to him and asked "Are you Japanese?" in Japanese. He replied in the affirmative in Japanese! He seemed to be GOD to my eyes! I explained my situation. After hearing what I had to say, he said "I am a stay-at-home student too. You can come to my house, I guess. My family will surely help you. If you can't go back home, we'll let you sleep in our house. I know my family are kind people. Don't worry, everything will be alright."
I was greatly relieved at his words. He told me that he was an 18 year old college student in Hawaii, the bus stop where he boarded the bus was near his college, and usually he got back home earlier, but on that day, he had to finish his assignments, so he had to take the last bus.... if he had not had the assignments, I would not have met him. I must have gotten lucky!
A couple of minutes later, the bus reached the bus stop where we had to get off, and then I got him to take me to his house. It was my third visit to an American house. I thought his house was much bigger and nicer than my host's house. There was an American there. Then, my Japanese acquaintance started talking to him.
I remember only snatches of their conversation... he said he had met someone...and I immediately thought... ah, yes, so we *met*... it was in the past, so it should be "met", not meet. Wow, what a smart boy he is!
Anyway, he asked me the name of my host family, so that the American guy could check the telephone number and the address of my host family's for me. After I told him the name of my host family, the American guy started going through a thick book (it seemed to be an address book). He found the address and the telephone number very quickly, and rang them up for me.he then dropped the receiver and told me that their house was about three minutes from where I currently was, by car. I wouldn't have thought it would be so close!
Later, my host family came to get me. They asked me why I was alone. I wanted to say that Yuki (the Japanese woman who had agreed to meet me at the bus stop hadn't turned up, and I had waited for her for a half hour, but I had absolutely no idea how to put that in English.

Gwendolyn Said:

Is it hard to be another state resident?

We Answered:

As soon as you get to California Apply for a California I.D. under your new address or your friends address.

Then Apply for a Voters registration card and then...

Just don't tell them you just moved.

Thats pretty much what you would need to do.

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