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Student Housing Help

Lawrence Said:

Should I stay in the dorms or student housing?

We Answered:

I liked living in the dorms because it was easy and I saved a lot of money that way. It also gave me more time to study and a more stable environment which is important during your college years. I hope this helps good luck with school!

Tyrone Said:

tax deductions for student housing for a parent?

We Answered:

No the students rent would go on his/hers return. You may be able to transfer some tuition and education tax credits to your return.…

Allen Said:

Student Housing?

We Answered:

Yep, talk to your financial aid office and they will be able to help you. No worries, it doesn't sound bad, at least you're attending college. That's more than a lot of people can say. Besides, that's what the financial aid office is there for. If everyone knew what to do, there would be no need for them.

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If you are hard-working and intelligent, you should live in student housing area because here you will improve your studies and get positive response.