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Student Housing Honolulu

Irene Said:

Moving to Honolulu from Texas, is it difficult to get a job with a Bachelor of Arts?

We Answered:

It may be difficult depending on what your looking for and what your experience is.
I agree with the earlier posting.. start looking now and make as many contacts as you can.
Here is our major newspaper, you can check the help wanted section.

Karl Said:

What should i include on Barack Obama's biography?(could you read what i have)?

We Answered:

I think its excellent.
But a small note: you shouldn't say a black kenyan , just kenyan
and for his mother you should say: Ann Durham an American from kansas

Leah Said:

which community college is in honolulu/waikiki area?

We Answered:

You've already gotten good answers to your questions. The only thing I have to add is that each campus has things that is specializes in. KCC has a fine culinary program and a nursing school. HCC has some of the things that are often associated w/ a trade school, such as electronics. KCC is slightly closer to Waikiki & is in more of a residential area, while HCC is closer to downtown Honolulu & is in more of a light industrial area.

Katrina Said:

Our New First Family? minus the photos b/c i can't publish them here .?

We Answered:

You raise excellent points. Senator Obama plays up his Black Kenyan family but does not mention that his Kenyan family is ethnically Arab not African and classified as such in the Kenyan census. Technically Senator Obama is an Arab American with a smattering of Black African blood, from which he gets his skin pigmentation.

To qualify for minority status under US Federal law, the person must be 1/8 or 12.5% ethnically of a designated minority. Senator Obama is 6.25% as his last 'Black African' forebearer was a great great great grandmother. The Senator is technically 50% Caucasian (mother), 43.75% Arab 6.25% Black African (father).

Senator Obama gulled Colombia to gain admission as an 'African American', then gulled Harvard Law to do the same, and so far has done a great job gulling the American voters.

Arab newspapers have proudly pointed this out in the past! Why do you think the Senator has had so much financial help from Arabs--Rezko, Al-Sammarae, Auchi?

Renee Said:

Considering moving from Boston to Honolulu for a Nanny position... advice?

We Answered:

You want to be sure that it's really 40 hours a week. Are you requried to work overtime if they need it? Weekends if they need it? You can burn out if the days stretch to 12 hours, even if you're getting paid extra for it.

$20/hour is decent pay for a nanny if housing is provided. If housing is not included, then that's low. Be aware that food costs more in Honolulu than most other places, too.

If you impress them, they will hold on to you like gold. So be very professional, punctual, flexible, and responsible. The kids that are your charges should be your first priority, not your boyfriend. It sounds obvious, but I've heard of nannies let go because their boyfriends were too much of a distraction.

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