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Student Housing In Bath

Jesus Said:

Help with Severe Roommate problems!!!!?

We Answered:

Just like a law suit, when you make a report to a property manager about a third party, you have to have proof. He said she said simply won't work. So, if your roommate is smoking pot in the apartment, take a picture of her when she is in the act. If you can somehow get proof that she gave away keys to your apartment, that would be "Key" to getting rid of her because that is big no no. Having a slob for a roommate is not against the rules unless their mess attracts a bug infestation. In the mean time, make her life as difficult as she is making yours and find someone who would readily take her spot if she chose to leave (to ease the transition).

At the very least this experience will teach you to choose your roommates wisely in the future and teach you patience in the present.

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