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Student Housing In Birmingham

Jerome Said:

Not getting paid enough for doing a website?

We Answered:

5 pages is $70 per page. If he has more on her site and still has access to the Control Panel or FTP, then I would remove all pages except for 2. Thats $140 and $10 for gas. LOL She has no recourse if he does this. No paper contract also means he still owns all those other pages.


Amanda Said:

need help on a history worksheet;?

We Answered:

1. MLK
2. Sit ins
3. Langston Hughes
4. Little Rock 9
5. Jackie Roberson
6. Thurgood Marshall
7. voting rights of african americans
8. segregated city transportation

Audrey Said:

What can I do to make this paragraph better and/or smaller?

We Answered:

A short paragraph will be maximum 200 words. It would be better to get them down to 150. Take a look at textbooks or novels, look at a 'short' paragraph.

I suggest rewriting it in 3rd person and condensing it severely (for example)

"If we were to go on a history trip with respect to the American Civil Rights movement, many important sights could be seen. It would be instructive to visit places such as the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site which commemorates the landmark Supreme Court decision ending segregation in public schools. At Little Rock Central High School, federal troops had to escort nine children who were refused admittance. We could visit Selma and Montgomery, Alabama where a historic peace march occurred. There are so many places that commemorate important events, places like Detroit, Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, Oxford, Mississippi, and Birmingham, Alabama. By visiting these we can experience a sense of what it could have been like for those who suffered for our greater freedom."

Virgil Said:

Is this a good story plot?

We Answered:

I like it. It's sharp and witty.

But perhaps too busy?

Start with the fire. Why not have one of your main characters be the cause of it and feel tremendously guilty afterwards?
Don't focus as much on Adam and Ella's relationship, as it will turn it into a soppy teen soap opera.
Either Adam or Ella is the arsonist. Everybody thinks that the fire was an accident, but they BOTH know the truth because one of them told the other.

Take it from there ^.^

Penny Said:

I have No where to live, who can i ask for help?

We Answered:

Yes, go to your nearest council/government housing co-op, you might get a government flat straight away or given a bond to pay for a bed sit. You also should get yourself on the dole or youth allowance , asap to help you out with getting some cash for rent.

In the mean time, get yourself to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter and get yourself a feed and shower. Believe me it will make you feel a lot better.

Mate don't be stupid, and think like you are there are people who will and can help you, you'll be ok, I promise.

Click the homeless link.

Here are some more links.…

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