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Student Housing In Canterbury

Roger Said:

How do I find out about good areas to live in England?

We Answered:

I think this is the sort of site you are looking for: if you have an address or postcode you can find out what an area is like. It tells you about the people living there, the crime, house prices etc It can even tell you what sort of newspaper people read at that postcode. It also has photographs of the area.

You can also try google street view. If you go to google maps and zoom in far enough you can get the street view on some roads. Its one way to judge an area.

As you are going to university it would be worth finding out if they have Halls of Residence. At the university where I work we have self-catering halls for over seas students. They are a good idea for your first time in the country. Once you get to know the area you can move out to private accommodation. There will be lots of letting companies online, once you decide where to live they will be easily found on google. Search for estate agents.

Dale Said:

Why do my clothes come out hard and crispy out of the washing machine?

We Answered:

Water in Kent IS hard....Use a conditioner or Bold.........

Franklin Said:

Proofread my life biography about my hearing. :)?

We Answered:

1. Take out the comma before Canterbury
2. Capitalize the H in high and the S in school
3. Take out the "to" after however
3. I would take out the word freaks...its not really acceptable for formal writing and its redundant because you have misfits there anyway
4. Change the word "it" (before does not affect the way) to the word "this"
5. I would take out the whole bit about how you don't like the school because you get a ridiculous amount of homework, its very negative and will turn people off
6. Change "the house" to "my house"
7. Change 'til to "until"
8. Take out the now before "i was four"

Sorry thats as far as I got, I hope it helps though.

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