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Student Housing In Chicago

Floyd Said:

My Student problems??? ?

We Answered:

Are you a full time student? Go speak to your academic advisor and the financial aid office at your college, immediately. Your college may have emergency loans, which you can use to buy yourself some food and etc. They should also be able to adjust your financial aid, even if only via loans, to help you pay for your living expenses while you study.

Financial aid in the US is supposed to cover both your tuition and your living expenses, if you're a full time student. That means you should not starve.

In the meantime, if you're desperate, you should be able to go to a food bank or a shelter and get some emergency assistance. A "soup kitchen" will be able to give you a meal today. In fact, if you belong to a church (or even if you do not), you should go there first. They can often help, right away, at least in terms of getting some food in your belly and telling you where to go next.

You can also "dumpster dive" outside restaurants, supermarkets and etc. You can go to a Dunkin Donuts after hours. They throw away the left over donuts, and they usually put them in separate bags, so they are separate from the actual garbage. McDonalds and etc. also tosses food that they've just cooked, but has sat there too long, so you can go through their trash as well, if you're truly desperate.

Laurie Said:

Buying a house as a medical student without income.?

We Answered:

You will not qualify for any grants, your father would have to be a first timer too. The only way you would get any credit for a first time buyer is to buy this by yourself.

Your father will not be able to co-sign for you, he will have to co-own. The loan will be based on his income and credit and no bank would lend that to him without him name on the title.

It does not matter that your father lives in Chicago, he can buy where ever he wants.

Hector Said:

Summer Intern Housing in Seattle?

We Answered:

Most of the universities allow student t stay in the housing while doing a internship during the summer . Check out University of washington and seattle university if you don't like those then message me and I can send you the some links and contacts for the housing most of the interns use here.

Larry Said:

How does my lead sounds, please tellllllll me i begggggggg you ?

We Answered:

Good for you. Best of luck

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