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Student Housing In Leicester

Joel Said:

New uni room, what to put in it/do to it.?

We Answered:

in a similiar situation to you man, I headed to wilkinsons the other day and picked up this floor lamp…

cheap and looks awesome ! get a coloured lightbulb if you want and certainly adds a bit

Howard Said:

Can I sue my Estate Agent over this?

We Answered:

I assume you got your deposit back, therefore what are you suing for?!

In English Contract Law you can sue for breach of contract (written or verbal), but can only sue for your financial losses as a result of the breach. The Landlord promised you the property and took a deposit which the court would rule constitutes a contract. He then broke the contract by giving the place to someone else but as he gave you your deposit back, you suffered no direct financial loss so you cant sue for anything. The bus pass issue is totally irrelevant here!!

I suggest your Law student mate considers a different vocation, or studies a little harder........

Good luck with uni though.

Edit - don't know where Charlieb got his law degree, US I suspect but in the UK no claim, it is not permissible in English law, full stop. If he is UK ask him to represent you on this no win no fee, see what he says........

Lisa Said:

student accomodation?

We Answered:

Take all his belongings and lock them away, then tell him he can have them back when he has paid his rent etc. that is due. Try to get the other students there to support you on this. its the only way. Good Luck.

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