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Student Housing In New York City

Laura Said:

Do any of the CUNY colleges have dorms?

We Answered:

I go to Brooklyn College. They are adding this dorm this fall:

I live by Queens College and there's many students from there that share apartments together ending up paying $300 a month (3 bedrooms with 2 per room and other cramped possibilities.)

She should think about what she wants to major in. Each school is good for something different. Brooklyn is strong with math and science. Baruch is prestigious but hard to get into for business.

Theresa Said:

Assistance with a place to live in New York?

We Answered:

based on where you two will be working/going to school, my concern would be how far you would really want to live from those two places. NJ and New Rochelle are fine places to live, but the commutes will be killer. i doubt you would want to commute an hour plus each way every day, and the farther away you live the more you're at the mercy of bad traffic or inconvenient bus/train schedules.

i might reconsider renting an apartment - maybe you could find a spacious enough floor-through in a house, in which case Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, might be an idea. from there it's a short drive to the base, and it isn't too long by R train into Manhattan and maybe a transfer to the #1 to FIT.

there may be rentals of entire houses, like row houses, in Bklyn, but they are likely to be more expensive that $1600. if you weren't having to commute to FIT, i would almost say look for a house on Staten Island.

Christy Said:

What city is right for me?

We Answered:

Yes I know what you mean I used to live in SOuth Florida and it is almost impossible to get around without a car. I think you've just made your decision. Boston, you don't need a car AT ALL and there is soo much to do! New York is probab;y one of the easiest cities to live in with Boston coming in 2nd. DC is a great city too but its different than NY. DC is super clean, it has a great metro and you barely need a car...but the metro doesn't go to as many places as NY plus its not as big. So if you're looking for a big city with lots of things to do, very busy and hustle/bustle then Boston or NEw York is the way to go. But if you want a smaller yet busy but cleaner city... than DC is cool. Good thing about it is that all of these cities are close to one another! New York and DC is 4 hours apart and Boston is about 3 hours from NY. And Philly is 2 hrs from NY so you can travel between all these cities within 4 hrs! lol. You've made your decision, Boston is the way to go it seems to be perfect for you!

Luis Said:

people from oswego, new york area...?

We Answered:

Be sure that you look at the property taxes (school, county, ect.) and be sure to factor that in. You might get a cheap house, but pay more in taxes and maybe other things (like utilities). I have never been to Oswego, so I can't say anything about the place, but I do live in New York State and it's the one thing people complain about (taxes).

I would check out websites related to the government in the area and inquire about taxes. (what county will you be in?)

Good luck!

James Said:

Section 8 Housing...?

We Answered:

No, you would not qualify for section 8. First off the waiting list takes YEARS to get on. Then once you are on the waiting list, it takes YEARS before your application is processed. Then it takes YEARS for a unit to open up. NYC's list is closed unless you have the following 3 things happen to you;

1.) DA's office states that you have been a witness to a crime and could possibly be put into danger, called the "intimidated witness program"

2.)Administration for children and family services refers you for family unification and independent living programs (if you have kids/or you are disabled)

3.)victim of domestic violence, with an order of criminal protection from the court

Now.. you don't fall under these categories, so the waiting list is closed until further notice.

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