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Student Housing In New York

Michele Said:

Nineteen Year Old Student Homeless in New York City, Need Advice + Help?

We Answered:

I hate to say it, but not everyone can make it in NYC. It doesn't always matter if it's your own fault or whether you're a victim of circumstance - the reality is that you're on a path that may eventually compromise your morals despite what you say.

I say cut your losses before you find yourself in a situation you can't control and go back home. Don't become a statistic. Your parents should at least be able to pay for a bus ticket. You're just going to keep getting approached by perverts in disguise or worse. Reaching out to strangers on the internet is a dangerous game.

*EDIT: Sorry, but there is no magical solution. What kind of suggestions were you expecting? Going home is logical advice. With that attitude it's no wonder why you're in this predicament. You're never going to make it in NYC with such a thin skin. If you think you know so much, then figure it out for yourself.

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