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Student Housing In Newcastle

Esther Said:

How do I get work experience at a publisher?

We Answered:

Note that publishing is about business, not literature. Your degree is relevant insofar as it gives you (at least allegedly) one useful skill set, the ability to edit. Now, what else do you know about the publishing industry?

I'd recommend grabbing a book or three about publishing and cramming up on it, if you haven't already. Then when you interview, make your comments all about the business. Oh, don't hesitate to say that you simply love literature if asked, but concentrate more on things like profitability and market share.

If you are interviewed, try to answer some (not all!) questions with a "because clause"--reinforce the response by recalling a specific event in your life that demonstrates how you can apply the skills or attitudes you claim to possess, or cite a former employer or teacher who said that you possessed those skills and attitudes. These specific bits of evidence make you more credible than a simple unsupported claim would do.

Guy Said:

Do you think my male friend wants more than a friendship? If so, how deep of a relationship?

We Answered:

well i think he is but just saying you deserve better than me because its like he wants you to say no i don't your perfect for me you are the one and tacky stuff like that! i kinda have a similar problem but a younger version like i don't work in the airlines but this guy i have is exactly like yours...scary! you see he wants you big time! but if you don't like him back don't put up with it! say stop and he will but sadly in time=[but you sound you kinda like him so relax and think about it... do you really want him??? and remember you don't want to with his heart!! basically he likes you and wants you to like him back so yes...anyway good luck!

Gail Said:

Shall i go to the 6th form next to me or college a bus drive into town away?

We Answered:

I think more new students would go to college.

You may do better academically at the the school you already know.

If money is going to be tight, the place next door may be better for you.

Good luck!

Salvador Said:

I am trying to find the best school for my daughter.?

We Answered:

You should homeschool her. It's cheaper, it's safer, and it gets her more home orientated. I've been homeschooled for 2 years, and after seeing all the things I've seen on TV about schools getting out of hand, i suggest you homeschool her. You don't have to be the most intelligent of people (not to be offensive ^-^;;), and because you said she was very smart, she can teach herself, I do so. All you need to do get her the proper text books and the right equipment. It'll be a great way to boost her education, and it is a proven fact that homeschooled students are more likely to be accepted into Universities because of their ability to teach themselves.

Gladys Said:

I was hit, screamed at, forced into studies, and have things blamed on me. Now I hit. How screwed up am i now?

We Answered:

too long; didn't read

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