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Student Housing In Paris

Jared Said:

does this make me spoiled?

We Answered:

My dad owns a huge buisness.
Im natural blonde & normal height, light blue eyes and tan.
Huge house, with 2 dogs and one cat
2 Sisters & 1 brother.
iPOD, Macbook, Sidekick, as phone.
3 houses in florida.
1 log cabin in wisconsin.
Now, do you see me posting up a question, about the things i have, making people jealous on purpose?
I doubt you have those stuff.

Kay, thanks(:

Perry Said:

my friends think im i? be honest?

We Answered:

Duuuude. I got to line 3 and I do not have to read any further to state unequivocally that YES you are spoiled. Though I just saw the last few lines & that really cinches the spoiled & adds on 'overblown sense of entitlement'.

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