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Student Housing In Reading

Nathan Said:

What is Caltech like for foreign students?

We Answered:

Yeah its pretty cool but if you are planning to go to CalTech then you need to have extremely very good results in science field eg: maths, calculus, physics etc because the competitions for entering this institute is very high.

Jordan Said:

Exchange student actions, read details.?

We Answered:

First you need to talk with your parents, they are legally responsible for this student. It could take something as simple as a family sit down and finding out what is going on. They then could call your program representative and talk to them about the situation and let them know there is some friction. The German students first priority should be the exchange of cultural values between her, your family, and the school she is attending. Friction like this has a chance to get out of hand and needs to be addressed.

Mattie Said:

Reed College, Portland, OR?

We Answered:

I'm a freshman who's only been here about a week, but I think I can answer at least some of your questions.

From what I've encountered so far, the professors are very willing to work with students. They clearly post their office hours and are willing to communicate through email or Moodle, a forum system, if unavailable to speak with in person.

It is REALLY easy to get help. There's a tutoring system and multiple free workshops throughout the year for refreshers on material. The HAs (house advisers) and upper classmen are normally willing to help too, as long as they aren't working on their thesis.

The drug situation is there, but it's exaggerated a whole lot. It's pretty common to see kids smoking pot, but the actual ratio isn't any different than most other schools. About half of the campus is sub-free and all of the Gray Fund events are, so it's not difficult to find people who aren't huge partiers.

Students do actually get assigned a quantitative GPA, but it just isn't revealed unless the students make a request, which they normally don't. The GPA isn't inflated like most other institutions, so people need to work much harder to get decent grades, which could look bad on transcripts.

Professors write long comments instead of giving a letter grade on the paper, so feedback is very easy to get. You could also just ask them. If you want to know your "normal" grade for the class, I'm pretty sure they'd be happy to tell you. They also tell you if you have a C or below in the course.

Housing is guaranteed for freshmen and maybe transfers (I'm not sure about that). The school has some apartments close to the campus as well. So far I haven't heard about any issues with housing. The bathrooms are co-ed. There's a woman's dorm, but I think that's the only single-sex floor in the campus. I was really worried about the bathrooms when I came here, but there haven't really be any privacy issues. Of course, my dorm is unusually calm, so I would stay away from Anna Mann and the Old Dorm Block if you want a calm atmosphere. In my bathroom, and there is only one on the floor, there are three toilet stalls, three sinks, and two showers. The showers have a stall door with a small bench and hook inside and then the shower-proper, which has a curtain.

I had a 3.97 with seven APs. From the sound of it, you have a pretty good chance of getting in. I think the most crucial part of the application is the "Why Reed?" essay, so be sure to be completely honest and elaborate fully on why you want to go to the school. Financial aide is not good for freshmen. All I got was a $5,500 loan, and my family is far from rich. I think it gets better for returning students, but I would look for outside scholarships anyway. The process to get aide, from what I can see, doesn't require any applications.

Definitely not, haha. The environment is taken very seriously here, but I haven't come across more than a handful of stereotypical treehuggers. Most of the kids I've met are very nerdy and very into learning. There are some athletes, but there are also some kids who failed PE all through high school. Your sort of style would be perfectly acceptable there. Anything would, even nudity, as I've found out. Luckily not during classes though. This school only has special-occasion nudity.

Students are willing to help each other, yes. But the policy against plagiarism is so strong it's difficult to tell how much you can get help without inadvertently being academically dishonest.

I really love this school so far. Best of luck getting in if you find yourself falling in love with it as well.

Harvey Said:

Calorie question..Im 5'2, 109 pounds, 22 years old and a college student...?

We Answered:

With the age, height, weight and activity level you gave,
it looks that -as an avarage- 1990 calories are needed. But as an individual, your specific need can be anything between 1620 to 2370.
I checked it in the following source.

Carl Said:

* Ill give 10 points* I need a caughy name for my HAUNTED HOUSE! * read inside*?

We Answered:

I think someones spell check is turned off

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