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Student Housing In San Francisco

Pedro Said:

What are the pros/cons, your likes/dislikes of living in San Francisco Bay Area?

We Answered:

Cal 08 Graduate of College of Environmental Design
Got my Bachelors in Architecture, also live in Bay Area for the last 11 years.

Berkeley sounds like your Perfect City! One thing is that Nice places in Berkeley cost a lot! A friend of mine is paying $2000 for a tiny 2 bedroom and that is considered cheap. There are much cheaper places but they are not very nice, old buildings, run down, smells funny... these are a few things that I was faced with on a budget looking for a place in Berkeley.

Besides that, it is an awesome city! Lots of culture, friendly, lots of good places to eat! Good public transit system and so forth

Wanda Said:

How old do I have to be to live in San Francisco on my own?

We Answered:

When you are 18, you are old enough to be on a lease (that is the age of consent, though you can't drink until you're 21 in CA). Another idea is to look into summer-away programs or ASF, which features live/study abroad programs.

Shane Said:

College housing for LGBTQ students?

We Answered:

I wouldn't say that you are gay on an application. You will get a room mate and you can ask him after a few days if he's okay with you being gay. If he says no, you can get a different room mate. Tell them you don't want to be separated, and they can find accomodations for you. Good luck!

Cathy Said:

life in Downtown San Francisco?

We Answered:

$1,000 for rent wont get you much. You can probably get a studio with that, NOT in the Downtown area. Or share a room with your roommate. Check out Craigslist room share. They got lots of posting for people looking to split up rooms/apartments.

You can ditch the car to save you money on parking and driving expenses. BART here is pretty reliable. Runs until 12am and takes you all over the places. Same with Muni. I rather pay $60 a month for a bus pass than pay $20 a week for gas..

Jobs liek always are hard as hell to get. Just try your best but EVERYONE now is looking for a job.

June Said:

What does it mean to be admitted to a college?

We Answered:

This letter does not NECESSARILY mean you were admitted, but LIKELY it does. To be admitted means that your application to be a student there has been accepted. You may not have made YOUR decision yet (if you have applied to many schools), but the school has accepted you.

The letter is telling admitted students about an event, but if it does not clearly say that you ARE admitted, you should probably call the school's admissions office just to make sure. I said that it LIKELY means you are admitted because otherwise why would they send you that letter? =)

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